I am hungry..

but I am too tired to go and forage for food. The kitchen is painted. Mainly thanks to angelic Aaron. I am a very bad painter and the kitchen is very large, with very many nooks and crannies. Oh, it is not a pleasant thing to paint our kitchen.

I painted the wooden cabinet/hutch thingie. I am a very bad painter. Thankfully I was going for a distressed look. You should hire me should you ever want something to look distressed.

The weather was beautiful today, just gorgeous. We had strange children wandering in and out through our backyard and house until we finally shooed them all out after 7pm. It felt like Summer. Tomorrow it will rain. Because heaven forbid we get too used to such bliss.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. I am not Irish (that I know of, although there's a pretty good chance there's something floating around in my DNA,) but I did don green. In addition, I have green eyes which I obligingly kept sunglasses- free (because I'm no party pooper and also because my son broke my sunglasses). Living in a college town afforded me the opportunity to drive said son home from preschool through streets thronging with drunkards. Cheerful drunkards. They appreciated my green efforts and yelled as much through the open (!) car windows. Sweet. I'm sure St. Patrick would be thrilled.

I just received this letter from sweet Gracie
Dear Mommy
I hope you have a good St. Patric's day!! I hope a leprecone will give you some glod. PS. lepercones are not real.
Love you lots,

Well gee.

One more anecdote from this day. Thumper the (increasingly less) crazy bunny made a break into the living room where Finny was playing this morning. He was not thrilled about this development, muttering darkly about not wanting her playing with his toys. (Good thing that kid is the youngest).

I told him more or less to suck it up, it would not kill him to play castle with a rabbit once in a while. So he took matters into his own hands. Much like a bullfighter he attracted her and then trapped her in the kitchen. As he walked purposefully back to his toys, I remarked, "wow Finny, you are pretty clever". To which he replied very matter of a factly,

"Yup. Master of the Bunnies".

Hope you saw some green today (particularly the type peeking up through the ground).

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Tooj said...

Now are you calling me a party pooper? LOL And it was lovely to see the green poking through the ground....lovely indeed. Master of the Bunnies is very smart.

nyn said...

Happy St. Patricks Day to you too!! I loved Gracie's note. I was told the leprechaun's aren't real by my five year old. She ammended this thought after returning from school and hearing an eye witness report from one of her friends. Aparently the leprechauns visited said friends house. I am sad they skipped ours, a little gold would always be nice.