I feel like a newly wed...

Aaron and I did not register for our wedding. The downside of getting married in a place where no one knows you is that you aren't going to get many gifts. Aaron's family were kind and generous and the congregation of his ward where we had our reception were too, but the gifts were heavy on the dishtowels if you know what I mean, and we weren't what one would say well equipped for our marriage.

We were in school and having babies for a long time after that and so we made do with the what we could scrape together here and there. We got junky flatware and as it bent beyond recognition or got scrambled in the garbage disposal, we replaced it with similarly junky flatware. We broke glasses and replaced them with other glasses which I secretly hoped would soon break too, because I wasn't feeling them). After a while I sort of resigned myself to my tacky fate since there as always a soccer tuition to pay for before I could think about forks..
Yesterday I got glasses that I may well have actually registered for. Today I got new flatware. Beautiful, heavy, classic banded flatware which I may well have registered for too, had I remembered in my highly twitterpated state that such an option existed (gee thanks everyone else for helping me out there...*insert meaningful indignant glare* ). The spoons won't bend when the ice cream is too hard! The knives will do more then anchor down the food. We are moving up in the world folks. They're classier in person then in the picture by the way.

Both are nice quality in other words, and for once I did not settle just to be all cheap about it. But the best part is that I was all cheap about it. I got both the lovely glasses and the yummy flatware at my favourite store..Big Lots. Yes folks, I spare no expense. All good things come to those that wait almost 14 years.

These new acquisitions together with my groovy new mixer are helping to make me feel less cheated all the time. I love my husband but I am considering leaving him, then remarrying him just so I can register next time. Ok not really, (but clearly the thought has crossed my mind in moments of desperation). Only problem is when you are 32 and onto your second marriage people say, "oh they have everything, we'll donate to a charity in their name...". I guess I will just stick with my awesome husband and keep checking Big Lots.
(Both the glasses and flatware are currently available at Target so if you feel like spending twice as much as I did, you should go there). Sorry Target, no offense or nuthin'

PS: My "awesome husband" just read this, looked up and said, "but aren't you....thirty....three? Already with the lies!" I am revisiting the leaving him thing.

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Tooj said...

Oh NO hubby!!! If you are going to get it wrong...get it wrong the OTHER way! And those glasses LOOK really cool...but I just have a feeling the curve of the lip would totally have me spilling down the front of my shirt. I'm clumsy like that. :(

John P. said...

You are SO good! It's been so long since anything on the internet made me or my wife laugh out loud. No kidding, it's been like forever. When we read your posts, we laugh out loud. Your posts are so fun and so enjoyable and so refreshing and so wonderful. Thank you for your zest for life--it's awesome! Cheers from J&S!

nyn said...

I love big lots too!! and congrats on the new flatware. it is lovely. I too go many dishtowels, but mainly because I was to twitterpated to register for anything sensible, I think I registered for a cow picture and other odd stuff that I have no use for now.

Kirsty said...

LOL Tooj! I AM 33 but he did not have to remind me! Yes, the practicality of the glasses remains to be seen-I will keep you posted ;)

Carolyn LOL at you on the cow picture. I think you had that up in CA and I thought it was cute. You know, I'd probably have done similar, so that is a small comfort.

John, YOU are so good for my soul :) Thank you!!

Janet said...

Great choices. Congrats on your frugal but fabulous finds. Big Lots rocks!