Last night I found myself on the couch surfing the web, reading a magazine, whilst watching TV and keeping up an ongoing commentary for the benefit of my husband (who was so grateful for that as he tried to watch another show on his laptop-ah how technology brings us together). To be fair, the TV show in question was this one, so it did not require a great deal of mental engagement. (Ha! I punny), but it strikes me that this may not be the most relaxing way to spend an evening and may contribute to why I have some difficulty in turning off my brain when I finally get to bed each night. Hmm...ya think?

Anyway be it a genetic predisposition, or learning through observance, I have noticed a similar tendency with my kids. And instead of concern over ADD (as with myself), I rejoice that they are clearly not comatose as their brains are turned to mushy alien-food.

Finny has the most endearing habit of them all. (Although Gracie's dance moves are pretty sweet). He uses props to watch TV. He will stand by at the beginning of the show, flexed like a runner on a starter block. Within moments, he has ascertained where the show is going and which prop will be required to participate. He rushes off to the play-room, retrieves what he needs and rushes back ready to go.

All set to watch Handy Manny (note the all important pencil behind ear and the cap.)

Watching TV is certainly an interactive experience for Finny, (which comes in handy for my guilt over letting him watch it rather a lot). He doesn't so much watch the screen as use it for a launching pad for his own little show. I love to observe him as he very solemnly contemplates his role in each show (he cannot be aware of this, because then he gets self conscious and asks me quite sweetly to please go and do something else).

Ack, caught finding him adorable. Invited to leave.

It's a delight. I can't bear the thought that one day in the future he will be lying on the couch, unblinking, mouth agape, deaf to the world (particularly high pitched sounds- such as that of his mother's voice), in the manner of the male homo sapiens. It will be so much less delightful then.

Incidentally, if you watched this train-smash (and will admit to it-I know, I have no pride), what's your take? Mine, when I have more time, I'm in the middle of getting dinner into the crock pot ;)

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Tooj said...

Oh my gosh, that is so adorable! He dresses up and everything! I think that is so adorable. :) (my 4yo doesn't like being caught doing "cute" things either. aaahhh, they are growing up.)

Missy said...

What a cute little Handy Manny he is. JonJon is now in search of his tools wanting to be Handy Manny too.

nyn said...

Finny is to cute. As for the Bachelor. Well, I am still confused. Was it scripted? I am not so sure what is reality in reality tv anymore. I can't wait for you post on this one.

Anonymous said...

LOVED this! Finny at the starter's block. You are SO funny. I was laughing out loud. Luckily my boss was not around. Yes, the comatose stage is not as much fun. Wait until he owns a cell phone that has an encyclopedia?? on it. He will read in company all the time, but to himself. Must say though, some interesting things filter through when he comes up for air every few days. You know of whom I speak!