My to do list is longer then the line on the opening day of Ikea.....

but I am sorely lacking in motivation to just tackle *something*. Sometimes having too much to do can paralyze me into doing nothing at all. How about you?

In the past I have noted that motivation has come from:

1.the impending visit of Houseguests

2.the embarrassment of someone unexpectedly dropping by and witnessing me lolling about in my squalor.

3.the desire to bring a vision to fruition. (This is how we got an entire (large) kitchen repainted (along with the furniture therein) and re-decorated in the space of a couple of days. And by we I mean mostly my husband. Who is motivated by me telling him to do things. I am impatient when it comes to fruition. (Actually, I am impatient when it comes to pretty much anything).
So my problem today is:

1. No impending houseguests

2. It's not that squalid, and there are things beside housecleaning on the list.

3. I already know what a clean bathroom looks like. No frenzied excitement driving me to see the end result there.

Tell me, Gentle Readers, how do you motivate yourself when your list is long and un-fun?

A few tactics which may (or may not) have worked for me in the past include:

1. Blasting music and putting on my tennis shoes. (this fools me into thinking I should be moving-I am quite easily fooled.)

2. Giving myself a scathing lecture and telling me to just get up right now this instant young lady.

3.Getting on the phone and chatting my way through a pile of laundry.

4.Setting a timer. "You can do anything for 15 minutes"

5. Putting the list in a prominent spot and crossing things off as I accomplish them.

And if you think I don't put the stuff I have already accomplished on that list, then you are sadly mistaken. I am not above sticking , "get out of bed", "brush teeth" on the list if it means I get to put a little precise check mark next to it. (Or Tick, as we say in South Africa). I really have a lovely little check mark(tick) if I do say so myself.

6. Taking a nap.

Ok.... one of those things is not like the others..hmmm...let's call it a freudian slip shall we?

But wait! I just spotted a job that will be easy and make a big visual impact, and as you know I am all about the big visual impact....(ohhhh shiny!) It involves a large, luridly coloured rubbermaid tub (the lurid colours were on sale) and putting things in that big tub, and then...! Putting a lid on that big tub! I can do this. I can.DO. this. And just like that..she is inspired..she is motivated! She is OFF....Tra laaaaaaaa.....

Later.. (or until the big tub is full).
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Kiy said...

My best (and seemingly only) way to get me off my lazy duff and clean my house .... invite someone over for dinner. Really, that's the only way for me. I didn't use to be like this I wonder what happened? Oh yes, a toddler in the house. :)

Good luck with your list. Mine too is a million miles long and I really really need to start working on it. Hmmmm, soon.

Cheers, Kiy

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the title of this post - I've been around for 2 different Ikea Grand Openings! Yikes! Anyways, I drink some Crystal Light, we turn on music, and then I fold the laundry, or whatever the chore du jour is.
by the way - I used your program for my run this morning and loved it! Thanks

{april kennedy} said...

yea...i usually plan a party at my house or invite peeps for dinner. or my sister and i lament about our lists together over the phone and then check in with each other to try to outbeat each other.... a little competition helps to motivate!

and for the lemon amish bread.....delete the cinnamon and swap out the vanilla pudding for lemon pudding. then i just make a little lemon/powedered sugar glaze for the top. although i have been known to make a little lemony glaze even though i have nothing to drizzle it on...except my finger and then lick profusely!

Aunt LoLo said...

If I write a blog post about how big and bad my list is, and how unmotivated I am, that usually shames me into it. ;-)That and a to do list with lots of "ticks" (eat breakfast, brush teeth, bake cookies, eat cookies, hide evidence...

Momza said...

Fail-proof for me to get my bum in gear to clean the house for no special reason:
The internet is down.

Tooj said...

Okay, my motivating thought might sound bizarre...but here it is. I think about what it'd be like if we had to move this week. Is my house put together enough that someone could go into a room and pack it up and know that room A in this house would go into room A of the new house? If not, everything needs to get back into its place. :) Now, I don't have this thought that often...but it's helpful.

ukyankoz said...

What motivates, some loud music or a funny film I've seen a million times in the background (National Lampoon's Vacation, Animal House, Stripes - oh dear, I see a pattern!) and proving to my husband that I actually don't watch soaps and eat bon-bons all day. And guilt. Guilt is great!

Person(also known as Mommy) said...

I put it in my daily routine.

That doesn't always work.

So I also try to use it as an unschooling device.

That doesn't always work either.

So I will also call my best friend and complain to her the ENTIRE time I am cleaning my house.

By this time something has usually worked-but not always. If it doesn't work I just wait for someone to come by and shame me into cleaning.