The Publicity Dilemma

I have been asked by people not of the LDS faith from time to time how I feel about the series Big Love. I've never watched it, but I know enough about it to know that it's not something I am interested in watching or supporting. Other then that I don't give it much thought or energy.

I found this to be a thoughtful and eloquent statement that represents my take on it and the Mormon/Media issue in general very well. If you have any opinions of LDS people in light of what you may have garnered from watching the show, or from recent media coverage, I encourage you to read it. If you are LDS, I encourage you to read it too. I have noticed that the Church through the years has pretty much always taken a "simmahdownnah" approach regarding things hitting the fan. Simmahdownnah is pretty much always some solid advice I find.

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Stephanie said...

I agree that the "simmadownah" approach is a great approach. Sure, it makes me angry, but boiling over with rage and ranting about it continuously only magnifies the problem. I think of what my Mom used to say: if you ignore them, they will go away eventually. And if they don't, at least I can handle myself with dignity and do what I know is right. And wow, I am SO disappointed in Tom Hanks!