Sentimental value

I may have mentioned that I am a tad sentimental. I am slowly getting better at not needing to have a physical representation of every event of my children's lives. I have their first teeny tiny fingernail clippings in a scrapbook. Don't judge me. Those are cute.

Yeah ok fine I am a freak. I know this. In my defense, I tossed the umblilical cords, and I let the hospital keep the placentas.

Like I said, I have been getting bettter. As I get more.. mature, I am losing my tolerance for clutter and given the size of my house (miniscule) this means having to be selective about the things I keep for posterity. The digital camera has been extremely helpful in easing the trauma of having to occasionally throw away a piece of paper my kids touched in any way. I can take photos and they take up a lot less space. Especially when I never even develop them. (Yay blog!)

But on my fateful trip to Big Lots the other day I realized that I am indeed still a sentimental fool. I saw these charming little bottles of soda. And so I bought them. Now one may say that this does not seem to be an unreasonable act. But bear in mind that we don't drink soda, so we don't buy it and I am pretty budget conscious so I don't tend to buy things we don't need.

Why did I buy it? Because of the label. We used to live in Napa Valley. It was a happy time. So I had to have the soda. Naturally! But truly, aren't these the cutest little bottles of soda? The labels make me happy. Of course the day I bought these the kids were very happy too. They enjoyed the soda. But what to do now? Do I have to recycle the bottles? No I think not. They are going to make charming little vases for flowers when we eat out on the deck I think. Can't you just see each one with a bright Gerbera daisy in it? Phew. Dodged that emotionally loaded bullet. Imagine if I'd had to toss our happy times in Napa into the recycling bin? Nooooo........(I'm pretty sure I will get over it the first time one of my charming vases on the deck gets knocked over by the wind and it all just starts looking like junk.)

On another trip to Big Lots (yes I do shop elsewhere occasionally, I am just walking down the Big Lots memory lane this week. It's my blog so I can do that if I want to. Sorry did that come off as defensive? ) Anyway, on another trip to Big Lots I purchased their entire Big Lot of Gerber Giggles and Grins Oatmeal Baby wash. Gerber Giggles and Grins has been discontinued which is why I bought up the entire stock. Because it has a great smell. A great smell which my last baby Finny smelled of, when he was indeed still a baby.

I wish Finny to smell like a baby always. I realize this may create a problem for him in middle school but we really will have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now it is helping me not to rush out and get pregnant again just so that I can have a freshy baby head to smell. So the Giggles
and Grins it is. Small price to pay I say. Sorry Finny. We all have to make sacrifices in this life.

Finny, about 5 months old here. He was all bundled up after his bath, waiting for me to get dressed when he drifted off into this yummy nap....

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Tooj said...

Two things:
1. I am jealous that you get to have baby sweet smells. Wee One is so hyper-sensitive with the skin that I have to get some "free" wash. Blah. I mean, it's NOT that bad...but we're being safe rather than sorry. To ease any troubles he MIGHT have.

2. If you didn't want to keep the bottles, (and you scrapbook) you could steam off those labels, take a pic of the bottle, and make a scrapbook page of it. I am learning to condense all things KIDS into scrapbooks. By preserving some of the good stuff, I don't feel bad for throwing out the rest. :)

Rachel said...

Alright then, now I know who bought up all of that baby wash!!

nyn said...

I still like to buy the sleepy time baby lotion, that smells like lavender. It reminds me of little baby adelle. I love to lather it on her after a bath and then tell her I will eat her up. nothing like that sweet baby smell. The bottles are really cute. I want to see pictures with the flowers in them.

Kallie said...

who knew we were so similar in taste. . .er. . . smell? i too, am guilty of buying 10 bottles of G&G oatmeal lotion -- ry thought i was weird in my hoarding methods, but i know YOU understand.