So listen lovelies....

Tomorrow I am going to be Unplugging in solidarity with the movement you see here to your left, as we discussed here.

I am ghoulishly interested to see how the withdrawal will affect me. I'm wondering if it's going to be more of the twitching and frothing, or heavier on the crying and the begging, maybe the glassy eyed staring, or perhaps, the rocking and the tuneless humming? It is possible we're looking at an all day fetal position situation. Ohhhh....*rubs hands together with glee* is going to be interesting.

This means that the ULTIMATE WINNER will only be announced on Saturday. I know, I know, but think of it as an exercise in self-control and delayed gratification. It also means that there will be no Friday for my Fabulous and Faithful Followers to be rewarded (eeps). On the upside this gives the rest of you casual clickers the chance to jump in on that action. So what say we get a little crazy and move that happy event to Monday? It can be Marvelous Monday for my faithful followers instead. Not quite the alliterative event I was hoping for but it will do. Excellent!

More things to come back for: Photos of my new kitchen! A report on how I survived The Unplugging (assuming of course that I do survive the unplugging), including what I managed to accomplish! Pretty pictures of the Springy things growing in my garden! And... some other awesome stuff which I will come up with during all that empty unplugged time!

Also, tomorrow night I am having a Tastefully Simple party for my sweet dear friend Claire (she is donating some of the goods to our Ultimate Prize Package too. And hey, if that link does not take you directly to her site enter: Claire Goberman for the consultant name).

If you are in the area, and we have you know, met, and yet I failed to invite you, it is not because I do not like you, because I do, oh so much! Truly! It is because I have a raging case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (what's the latest on Octomom btw? and also, it is not so much Spring weather today-shoot, anyone got a good chocolate croissant recipe??) so e- mail me for the deets and then come on dooooooown. Because there will be food. And....well really, do I need to say much more? If you aren't in the area and you wish to procure some yummies too, (because you don't like to be left out of stuff, and it's completely awesome), let me know, I shall hook you up. And I will do it with a smile.

So that's the scoop. Unless I come up with something else between now and midnight I shall bid you a teary Adieu and see you soon...xoxo

And OH! If you are hoping to be the winner of the Ultimate Prize Package, there is still time ('til 11:50pm Friday 27th). Just click HERE. I am totally rooting for you.

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Have a great and fun day tomorrow - can't wait to read your report!

Tooj said...

I think you'll survive the unplug just fine. :) I've been two days without doing much of anything plugged here at home. Granted, I was laid up in the bed with a raging head/neck ache...but'll be fine. :)

Person(also known as Mommy) said...

Good luck with that-you're a stronger lady than I!