Spring-ing the Kitchen

So did I ever tell you about my pink kitchen counter tops? Ah yes, they are pink. We'll skip the whole psychological analysis about what might have driven the former owners of this home, to go to Home Depot one day and say, "I think they should be pink. You? Yes. Definitely".

This fact has limited my decorating options somewhat. Now I have always (from my child bride days) wanted to do a light and pretty vintage theme in my kitchen, however, when I got to painting my kitchen 5 years ago I decided to ask the advice of others and one friend thought that I should strive for a "Kirsty's African Kitchen" theme. Given some thought, this made sense since I do have a lot of Africana (I think I may have just made up a decorating term) to display. I painted the kitchen in a reddish pink and it worked with the pink countertops and made sense with the African baskets and such I had displayed on the walls.

But now I am over it. I suspect Spring fever is having a part to play. I have been searching the internet for ideas for my kitchen given my limitations. Them being:

1. No budget to re-do my kitchen
2. Pink counter-tops
3.Pink counter-tops

I wish to revisit my light and breezy vintage theme given the fact that...
1.My kitchen is genuinely vintage. If you consider what I estimate to be early 80's vintage.
2.It is forgiving of the pink countertops.

And here are a few of the little yummies I have come up with. Aren't they delicious? Don't you want to put them in an ice-cream cone and eat them with a little spoon???? I have stalked this picture series for years. And here are a few other kitchens I am finding delightful

And while we are at it, isn't this a pretty room for Spring? Maybe for the boys room...hmmmm
My goal is to get this thing done before Easter. Now I just have to break that to my husband.
Check out Melissa at the Inspired Room for some more Inspiring finds for a beautiful life.
If you have any ideas, photos and inspiration for me and my kitchen I would love to hear them!

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Teresa said...

Pink? Yes, I wonder what people are thinking sometimes too-
Love your kitchen picture inspiration-
Happy spring.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi I am visiting via T.I.R. What a great post. Love that kitchen!

I hope you will stop by for a visit as I am currently hosting a giveaway.

Miss Sandy said...

Funny, but when you began your post I immediately thought of mixing a fresh white or cream with a jadeite green! I think it would lend well to pink counter tops and have that vintage vibe you are seeking. Best of luck getting it done and loving it!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love your inspiration photos! I bet your kitchen will turn out fabulously! Pink counters! :-) Wow! I bet you will end up loving the look when you are done!