Vegetarian unfriendly

I'm generally not a fan of red meat, and I don't buy it routinely, but sometimes the call for a burger is strong, man. A big, juicy, interesting gourmet burger. The likes of which cannot be found at Wendy's.

It was with this primal urge raging wildly within me, that I came across this little beauty at
Pioneer Woman Cooks.

It spoke to me
It said, "make me and then eat me, I won't mind."

I made it that very night.

And it was freaking phenomenal.

Aaron, who is not a fan of the blue cheese, loved it on this burger. We made mac 'n cheese for the kids because we are hoping they will resent us when they are adults (we think it will make them more interesting), but deigned to share with Benjamin when we noticed we had an extra patty.

Benjamin loved this burger.

About 1/4 way in, I was filled to the brim, so Finny took over. Finny loved this burger. Gracie asked if she could have some of the onions. She was a fan. Gabe, as a rule does not eat, but he did not make the usual gagging sounds at the sight of the rest of us doing so.

I would say this was a hit. I followed her recipe pretty religiously (even down to the real mayo which is against my personal religion. You see, I believe Miracle Whip comes from a higher power, and mayo is of the devil if we must be damning condiments.) But I don't question Her Pioneerness when it comes to matters of food full of fat and flavour. I did not however slather the mayo as instructed. I have my limits, I refuse to let that woman brainwash me.

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