What can you say about a girl called Shona?

* To be sung, with gusto, to the tune of "What do you do with a drunken sailor?"

What can you say about a girl called Shona?
What can you say about a girl called Shona?
What can you say about a girl called Shona?
On her 39th birthday?

Pretty, accomplished and quite brilliant
Organized, witty, and so talent-ed
Kind and lovely, generous to bo-ot
On her 39th birthday!

Comes to visit me in Ohi-o
Freezes her butt off, cleans my hou-se
Takes my kids to Chuck E Che-ese
(But not on her 39th birth-day.)

To my sweetie she's a dahling
To my Eddy she's my Patsy
If you don't get this, go watch Ab-Fab
On her 39th birth-day

She has lived the whole world over
An adventurer and a rover
Now she lives Do-wn Un-der
On her 39th birth-day

She makes me laugh until I pe-ee
She makes me laugh until I whe-eze
She makes me laugh 'til I beg stop-Ple-ase
I'll call her for her 39th birth-day

What can you say about a girl called Shona?
She's my sister I'm proud to sa-ay
I hope everything goes her wa-ay
On her 39th birth-day!

(Shona with her adoring, lookalikes- niece and nephew)

Kisses Dahling, have some Bollies for me right Dahling, right? Happy birthday sweetie, you're looking fabulous sweetie, you look like an absolute infant dahling, it's really rather obscene sweetie really it is... you certainly look better then bloody Saffy dahling, I mean dahling really, she could be your mother sweetie, your ancient maiden grand-auntie even dahling... Anyway, kisses right dahling.. must go but loves and snugs, right sweetie..? I'd better bloody be living there for your next bloody birthday right dahling, ok sweetie?! Get Bubble on that pronto dahling..right sweetie.. Kisses!!!! *clink* (thud)

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Tooj said...

I hope your sister had a wonderful birthday!

Shona (age 39) said...

Dahling it is inspired ! I have printed off for posterity and drunk some non-alcoholic bollies in honour .....

Denise said...

Awww!!!Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister!!! You are so talented, LOVE the song!

Anonymous said...

Was singing it with gusto while reading over Luke's shoulder. He said NO! YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS SINGING!! and threatened to turn off his computer. So, I had to read it sedately. Not as much fun, but did not detract from the great rhyming and sentiments. She IS looking like a positive infant, which makes me feel better as to have your eldest an infant reflects well on your age as the mom! Happy Birthday again Sho. Love you both. Marmie.