What I love about Mormon temples..

Below is another short presentation about our temples and what goes on there.

To this I would like to add a few of my own impressions. I have many memories of my visits to various temples. One of the most precious memories is of course, that of my wedding day. As my husband and I knelt across the alter in an intimate and beautiful sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple, we were surrounded by our smiling loved ones and the room was infused with sunlight and pure joy. As I gazed at my handsome husband whose face just glowed with love and goodness,I felt a profound sense of gratitude for the simple beauty and solemnity of the sealing. The words, "til death do you part" were not spoken. The words "for time and all eternity" were.

Although I can remember a time when our children were not in our home, I cannot imagine how it felt not to know them. As I held each one of them just after they were born, I felt a sense of recognition and I continue to "remember" them as they grow. I was and continue to be, in awe of their magnificent spirits, and the great wisdom and goodness I sensed in the huge souls housed within their tiny, perfect bodies from the first moments of their time on this earth. When I think back to that beautiful day in May almost 14 years ago, the memory is made all the sweeter knowing that it not only made my relationship with my husband, my soul-mate possible for all eternity, untouchable by illness, calamity or death, but our precious children were also sealed to us under that covenant. I imagine their spirits were there too that day, and it makes me teary-eyed to imagine their great joy and excitement as they witnessed the ceremony. As a mother there is inexpressible comfort in knowing they are ours forever, come what may.

As I have visited the temple many times since, I have always felt a sense of peace and great serenity the likes of which has not been duplicated at even the most lavish spas or beautiful beaches I have visited. When I am inside the temple, there is a sense of being completely cossetted from the noise, grief and confusion of the world for the entire time I am there. My mind is quieted, my thinking is clearer, my perspective is greatly broadened. I am at peace, yet I feel a sense of elevation in my thinking, and clarity in my understanding. I always leave feeling cleansed, accomplished, and motivated. I feel extremely blessed to have such exquisite havens all over the world available for me where I and my loved ones can be inspired, comforted and taught.

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Samantha said...

I drove by the temple in La Jolla today (I think that is the first temple shown after the close-up of the inscription... it's the first one where they actually show the building). It is a splendid building, indeed, and I can imagine it must be something special to be inside it--that it is an exquisite haven, as you said.

Julie said...

The DC Temple is one of our family's favorite buildings. It always looks so glorious, rising up in front of us as we travel the Beltway. I've had to spend a fair amount of time explaining to the kids that it is not, strictly speaking, a castle with a prince and princess inside (although your wedding pictures won't do much to dissuade them of this belief). I'll have them watch the videos you posted so they have a better understanding of the meaning behind and inside the temple. Thanks Kirsty!

ukyankoz said...

I love this post, what beautiful pictures, and such a beautiful testimony!

Tooj said...

The feelings you get must be something wonderful for you. :) It's reassuring knowing that people GET these feelings.