Everything old is new again!..

Happy Easter Monday everyone! I hope you had a glorious Sunday. I did. More about that later when I have decided which of the 4,090982798 photos to foist upon you. It really was a lovely, spiritual, uplifting, chocolate filled, fun and happy day. And the sun shone.

Speaking of sun..have I mentioned lately that It's Spring! Which means...Rebirth! And....

Rebuilt Blog!

Do you love it? I do, I do!

Remember lucky reader The Lovely Mrs. M, from "I've changed my name to Mommy".???? She won the first ever Friday Follower prize and I have since gotten to know her a bit better. She is a delight. I was visiting her blog (which is hilarious btw) recently, and realized that she was a web designer. Since I adored what she had done with her own blog I asked her to help me with mine.

Now I'm sure this will come as a shock to you (not), but I am what one may call a perfectionist/OCD/Anal/ Control Freak/Pain in the Patootie in matters like these, and even though I was dying inside every time I sent a new demandrequest, the lovely Mrs. M took it all in stride and made me feel better about my neurosis.. She was pleasant, patient and professional and did exactly as I asked while I figured out what it was I actually wanted. I love the end result! Did you see the slick navigation bar? And the cutely appropriate header? And the nice layout? And the button? (Don't you want that super cute button on your own blog?!-You do? Well then, I gift it to you, take it- with my love. It's true, I am nothing if not a giver.)

She also worked like a demon and got the whole thing done super fast. Seriously, she was incredibly prompt. I could not recommend her more highly.
The happy news for you people is that she is, for a limited time, offering a special! Here is how it works:
1.Go to her personal blog it is a delight, check it out.
2.There is a link there to her design blog, (Mommy Designs Blogs). Click on it
3.When you get there mention "I've changed my name to Mommy" in your request for design work and you get $20 off any order $60 or more from her already very reasonable prices! Just like that! It's a deal peeps.
Go! Go! Hurry!

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Janet said...

Love, love, love the design. It's perfect.

Tooj said...

Change is always fun! :) I like it all....very pretty. And have I ever told you that I love your "subtitle" to your blog? It makes me smile and stop whining, that's for sure.

{april kennedy} said...

I love it I do! You look all professional now. Tell me if you have figured out how to make money blogging. Please....my husband would seriously get off my back!

Julie said...

Pretty! It's almost as lovely as you are.

Denise said...

I LOVE your redesign!!! I put your button up on my blog.