Foodie Friday!

Lemon Creams-aren't they pretty, and fresh looking? Perfect for a Spring tea-party don't you think? Go ahead, click on the photo to get the full feel for the lemony smoothness dripping off the feathery light cookie. Mmmmmmmmmmm..... I found them on Leigh-Anne's super site and they are really called Lemon Dreams.

But in South Africa we have a biscuit called Lemon Creams and it is one of the things I miss most about living there. Oh how I loved me a lemon cream...mmmm. When I saw this recipe I figured it might be a close approximation. I'm not sure if it is, all I remember is that they were indeed dreamy and aptly named and I shall be making them again.

I am easily intimidated by baking ventures but since Gracie agreed to help me, I gave it a shot. Although this looks a little more detailed then your average chocolate chip cookie, it is really straightforward. I added more lemon juice and rind to my lemon curd then asked for, because I am of the opinion that things can never be "too lemony". Go on over to Leigh-Anne's site for the recipe and make some immediately. Must be eaten with tea.

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Denise said...

Yum!!! My kids will be baking after school today, but we are sticking to chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies & maybe some snicker doodles.