Friday FeelGood

Hello lovelies!

Don't you just love a feelgood opportunity? The Secret is in the Sauce is holding an auction today for Momitforward. Ahhhhh......FeelGood shopping. What could be better?

Momitforward are raising money for the moms in Kenya today. I have never met a Kenyan I didn't like. Let's help a fellow mama out shall we?

There are some fabu items donated for the auction including something from me. So skip right over and check it out.

Warm and fuzzily yours...

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Tooj said...

This certainly was warm and fuzzy. Do you think there is something wrong with me if I don't feel like I should participate in the give aways and such? Especially when I've given nothing away? I plan on giving something away. Soon. When I hit 200 posts, I'm giving something away. But then I struggle with what gift to give. I mean, what if I buy something to give and NO ONE wants it???? I worry. Happy Friday.