I'm busy writing a list of things that irritate me.....

is that wrong? It is somewhat soothing to get it out there. It started when Aaron told me a really long involved joke that involved repeating the same phrase over and over again, and then ended in a really, really lame punch-line. It angered me slightly. That's three minutes I will never get back.
First thing on the list:
1. Long story oriented jokes with lame punchlines. Actually, jokes in general-I'm not a fan. I like my humour to be organic. Doesn't that sound pretentious? That's because it is.

I'm already up to number 5 and going strong. I won't publish it. Probably.

I'm reading: I'm busy writing a list of things that irritate me.....Tweet this!


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I'd love to read your list. My irritation? Dusting. I do it twice a year, no matter if my house needs it or not. Then, in a day or two, the dust is back. Why bother?

Tooj said...

I think if you still have the list...you should publish it. It's always good to get people to say "I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT NUMBER 27!" I mean....at least then you won't feel like the only irritated person.