My no internet weekend resolution=totally blown...

on the very first weekend no less. But I have a good reason. I was online almost all weekend watching this.

It was touching, uplifting, inspiring, thought provoking, helpful, guiding, enlightening, and motivating as always. I am always so sad when it is concluded with this beautiful hymn. I can never hear or sing this hymn without the tears starting. This hymn was sung on my last Sunday at church in Swaziland by an African choir. (Before I left to come over to the States). Now tell me, would you be able to ever hear it again without getting misty?

When I hear it at the end of conference I always feel wistful. It follows an entire weekend of feeling spiritually nurtured and connected to so many people. But it is also a beautiful send-off, it is a cue which heightens my resolve to do better and to take what I have learned and improve my life with it.

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leah said...

so since i'm inclined to get "misty" at the thought of this song WITHOUT your explanation - just think what you did to me at 9:58 am on a monday morning, with too many dishes to wash. not cool.

we always sang this song (in my home ward - harkers island, nc) to departing missionaries after they'd served us for sometimes 9-12 months. the don't seem to let missionaries stay put like that anymore, but then, it was so special to our island.


Anonymous said...

You made a good choice to break your resolve for such a WONDERFUL spiritual feast. Every conference seems to be the best one ever. This was no exception. We still have to watch the "Midnight Mass" session. The Techno ----- boy had to go out with the missionaries, so FHE fell by the wayside because your parents are the Techno Retards and would not have known how to do it off the internet and through the TV etc. Will try again on Wednesday. I just have to read the title of the hymn to mist up. Decided too much moisture in my body! Love you. Marmie.