Oh my goodness! Oh my word!

I am a finalist in the Mother of All Bloggers: Mom-Logic competition!

Me?! Yes, me! Couldn't be?! It's true!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Yay! Hooray! Happy Day!

Sorry, excitement brings out the rhymer in me.

This of course means that I am throwing myself at your tender mercy once again, begging for your benevolence and your vote. Please oh please all you beautiful and brainy, kind and kissable, sweet and swell, wise and witty, daring and delightful, marvelous and merciful, ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING readers.... It would mean so much to me. Oh thank you! Mmmmmwah! I always liked you the best. (You know who you are, yes...you).

Now listen m'peeps. This is hardcore. I am up against some ggrrrrreat bloggers. Many of whom have a large established readership and therefore have lots of people ready and eager to vote for them. The competition is going to be stiff. Stiff I say. The road is loooonnnng....with many a winding trail...But together,with you at my side (virtually speaking)?....... Yes She Can.

That means I need you. I want YOU (I'm using as many political rallying cries as I can squeeze in here, this may be the only chance I ever get to campaign for myself).

Every single last one of you. Think of it as a vote for the underdog, don't you love the underdog? I adore the underdog. How often does one get to change an underdog's world?

So please, don't delay.. go over to Momlogic- it would add so many points to your karmic bank (I already checked with the karmic bankers, they said, absolutely). I'm the little green square like so:
(I only point this out since I almost missed it and was sure I hadn't made it and actually did a double take as I sadly prepared to leave..) with Momedy beside it. (Imagine!) If you would check the circle, I would be deeply grateful.

Like, you don't even know.

Chocolate covered kisses...(and thanks again to those who nominated me)

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Brea's Mommy said...

Voted. Good luck!

Brea's Mommy said...

I tagged you

Mommy Dear said...

Okay--you want honesty--here it is:

You TOTALLY deserve to win this!

Good luck, Mama!

Mrs. M said...

No need to appeal to my vanity--I always suspected I was your favorite! Ha ha ha ha.

I did go and vote for you and wish you the best of luck!!

Kiy said...

Well. I was going to vote. But then, you see, I am pretty busy. I need to do laundry and pack for my trip. I might need to water the flowers in the front yard. I could shave my legs (oh gosh, forget it, let's not get crazy!), there's always something to dust. So, as I was reading your post I thought, naw, she doesn't need my vote.

But then.

Chocolate covered kisses?

Okay then! Now you are talking! I went right over and voted!

And yes, I marked the circle next to the green square, just like you told us to.

Question? Do you know how to get black permanent marker off a computer screen?


Love Kiy

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

How can I resist? A vote for Momedy is a vote for comedy!!

Aaron said...

I voted for you, cause that's the type of guy I am!

Love you and good luck, babe!

Dahling said...

Sweaty !

Well done and Good Luck ! You completely deserve to win. I have voted for you but a box pops up and says "Thank you for taking this poll. Then when I tried it again it said the same thing so I am worried that it is not being counted.

Stephanie said...

I voted for you. I expect chocolate covered kisses. Just so you know. (PS--I LOVE that you and Aaron got busted in THAT park! HIL.AR.IOUS.)

Tooj said...

Is it too late to vote? Did you mention it in the post? I scanned to see if you had a cut-off day....I will go back and re-read now. LOL