A "Righteous" Giveaway!

So even if you aren't one of them Whacky Mormons, we're kind of in an economic place right now where most people can probably see the wisdom in have some food storage put away for a rainy day. Shelf Reliance is an awesome food storage program which allows you to pay as you go. Here's the story as found on the Mormon Mommy Blogs site. Go there to enter! (And go ahead and check out some Mormon Mommy blogs while you are there too.

Shelf Reliance is sponsoring a pretty righteous giveaway over here on the MMB! Shelf Reliance has launched a revolutionary new food storage program, and not only do they want your input, they want to GIVE you some food storage!

The Thrive Q
is a pay as you go food storage program-- Think NetFlix only for food storage! It's pretty sweet!

Shelf Reliance is offering one of our lucky readers the Thrive Essentials Sample Pack. The Essentials Pack comes with six #10 cans of some of the most popular Thrive food storage items! Contents of the sample pack include: Whole Wheat flour, Hard White Winter Wheat, Instant Rice, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Potato Chunks, and Small Red Beans.

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then again photography said...

Just stopped over from SITs to say hello. I love your blog title.

Tooj said...

Is there a place I can click that'll just GIVE me some food? LOL I really don't want to grocery shop. Not.a.bit.