Sonnet for Sparks

(my super awesome bro-in-law)

Marc-y Marc
We call you Sparks
or derivatives thereof
It suits you well
And speaks of our love

Sparky you are a man of action
You are the spark of inspiration
Behind such projects as
Fixing the bed
Or the door
Or the car
Or the random thing I had no idea was broken
All that and so much more
Also the designing of winning
Pinewood derby cars
Even a loss this year does not the memory mar

You are also the hand
Carrying out the inspiration
With eager help from your
Special Friend
Without you, alone he'd have to fend

Sparks on a mission
Never still or idle
Well sometimes
But not often
Only when
We have used you up
with the
Cooking of big meals
And the hoisting and throwing of children

Renaissance man
Town planner extraordinaire
Good to my sister
Puts up with the abuse
She and I heap upon you
When we are a pair

Friend to Babbie
When he too
Must deal with
The sisterly abuse
for a good
Skiet en Donner
You two will always make use

You blend with our family so well
No-one would be able to tell
That you are actually an outsider
(But don't feel bad about that
Old chap)

You take us on trips near and far
Always the driver of the car
Your wallet, she becomes skinny
But you utter narey a whinney
And yet you return
To the hole
Which is BG aka North Pole
And never make rude comments
About the downstairs loo
As others do

We are sorry we missed your b-day
It was not that our hearts were far away
from you
We thought about you at work and at play
But alas
The time-difference
She sucketh
And our plans ran amok-eth
We did not think you would appreciate
Birthday wishes
At 3:00am
'Cos now you are old
If I may be so bold

You may be old
But you still look young
Even though you are blessed with all of that sun
And all the kidlets think you are fun
No worries mate-You've still got a good long run
(the un's are easy to rhyme, that was a good time)

Hope to celebrate with you next year
That would bring us lots of cheer
throw some shrimp on the Barbie (but forgo the beer)
We love you lots
Like Jelly tots
And you being so far away just plain rots.

Happy birthday Sparks!! Hope your year is fabulous doll.

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Stephanie said...

Once again, SMASHING. BRILLIANT. EXCEPTIONAL. But, uh, not a sonnet. (Spoken by a truly snobbish English major who has put in her time at school and is now ready to awe [offend?] the masses with her random and non-useful knowledge.)

Kirsty said...

Stephy-Lou, I must admit, I knew that was coming. From either you or Jules (English teacher)

Ah yes, 'tis true... even I the supremely irreverent poetry challenged one, knows a sonnet when I see one. (Thanks to reading to my mom as a kid while she was sewing and simultaneously trying to get her English degree)

Having been up for about 24 hours now though eh.....iambic schimabic...y'know? However, I could not resist the alliterative value of Sonnet for Sparks. (I'm just a crazy fool for that alliteration).

Poem for Sparks or String of accolades written in Stanzas so as to Try To Pass For Poetry For Sparks just didn't have the same ring :D

I bow to your English poet snobbery though. I feel that I may never have the discipline to ever write a "proper" poem. Maybe you should write one for me. Yes! :D Put that degree to good use.

Stephanie said...

HA HA! I will admit that alliterative value can cover a multitude of sins. And having taken a poetry-writing class, I can honestly say that modern poetry has absolutely no rules at all. So carry on! Creativity counts, you clever wordmonger you!

Tooj said...

What a fun poem. I think it made me want to get up and dance a jig. LOL