Stanzas for Seth

Seth. Nothing can be said that has not been said before
Your awesomeness is the stuff of legend and 'lore

Seth, you are kind,
to the jerk, freak and bore
You never mind
Helping others out of a bind

OH and Seth, you are funny, so funny,
never fail to make me laugh when life's not sunny
(and even when it is-it's not like you're one of those people
who are only "on" when someone is miz)

Nobody does an impersonation like you
Doing "monkey" as a kid put you at real risk
Of being thrown in the zoo

Your accents are convincing
Flawless, no need for wincing

You understand Crazy
When talking someone down, you never get lazy
and tolerate it well
if their logic gets kinda hazy
( I really do still think
that you would make an exceptional

Little bro you are thirty-wow!
Happily, you have a wife now
So whew, you are legit, no need for the 'ole self esteem to take a hit

No lie, turning thirty sucked for me
But I'm over it, now that I'm thirty-three
So I can now honestly proclaim, Seth- the 30's, they rock
You're confident, capable and care not when idiots dare mock
Ok to be perfectly honest it is on most days that this is true
(Although those days were much more few and far between when I was twenty-two)

I just know this decade will be your best yet
You'll fulfill childhood dreams!-What were they again?
A Game Ranger? A Vet?
But hey it seems like you've already got it made,
telling people how to spend their money
Living in your cool plek, all cozy with your honey
Being all hot and spirit-CHILL
Hanging smooth, keepin it real.

I don't have much advice to give
Except just.. LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!
live it up to a fault
'cos when the kids come
that'll all come to a screeching halt
Nah, just kidding of course
Kinda sorta...
I'll be sage and say just live so there will be no remorse

That is always good advice
If a bit lacking in spice

Samusani, I really hope to see hang with you soon
But 'til then Skype will be a boon

Happy birthday! I am proud to call you my brother
Lots of love

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great way to say Happy Birthday!!

Mrs. M said...

Awww! As always your birthday poetry is sweet and funny.

Leslie said...

Just stopping by from SITS to thank you for donating something for the auction. It's people like you that make things like that so successful. May God bless you richly.

Dahling said...

Well done Tinny ! I am sure Sumusani will be delighted and proud.