Don't Miss It....Yo!

For my fellow financially freaked out and mildly moronic here's something else our speed.

It's on ABC Friday night at 9 EST. It's called "Unbroke" and apparently they are going to talk about money and all the mysteries surrounding it in small words that we can understand with lots of shiny things to hold our interest.

Here's a HIL-AR-RIOUS preview. There's a show called "Cribs" on MTV where they tour the most over the top extravagant houses of stars, (I say this like I've ever actually watched this show, yo) this is a spoof, with an educational twist.

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Janet said...

LOL...that's great!

Stephanie said...

That's straight up dope! (And I always love me some Seth Green!)

Koala Green said...

Seth Green is the man! His kitchen was still bigger than mine. Any how I'm gonna watch! Thanks.

Megan Gery said...

setting the DVR now. loved the preview.