Dream Come True!

Y'all who have this image of me being somewhat technologically savvy, allow me to disabuse you of that notion.

Today was the first time I successfully skyped. Yes, I said it. My family live on three different continents (this has been the case for over 14 years now) it has taken me until now to master Skype. Which has been around since the dawn of time. I know, I know... I tried a while ago but it didn't work out for my family in South Africa, so I gave up. They weren't very technologically motivated and I was just grateful for the fact that they'd figured out email. But ah, how the tides do turn. Recently they have been harassing me to get hooked up. So today I put on my big girl panties and I did.

Today I downloaded skype for the gajillioneth time.

Today was the first time I bought a web-cam and used it.

Today my dream come true of my kids chatting face to face with my parents half way across the world came true.

And it was excellent.

I got to see my parent's new house, it's beautiful

I got to see my mom cry when I told her a touching story.

I got to see my dad in his "undecided shorts"

I got to see my evil genius studly brother Luke

I got to see my sweet sister Thalia who had just returned home from Oz.

I took candid photos. They were not flattering.

For a long while there, I did not have a microphone. They could not hear me, but I could hear them. I type very quickly so it was almost as good as talking, although I have to say it's a bit weird carrying a conversation out that way. Hearing their voices but sitting in silence, my fingers doing the talking. I imagined what it would be like not to be able to communicate with my voice ever.

It would be weird. And probably quite pleasant for those around me.

It really was a dream come true. Remember when that sort of thing was only possible if you were the Knight Rider with Kit's technology at your disposal?

Super excellent dream come true, my friends.

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Samantha said...

I'm very happy for you--it sounds like it was a magical Skype session! I've actually never used Skype, but my dad got to give my Ouma a tour of my parents' new house via webcam/Skype a couple of years ago and I thought that was just awesome. I hope you have many more such chats with your SA and Oz family.

Koala Green said...

I'm glad it all worked out.

Mrs. M said...

I have no idea what Skype is. I will investigate it though, because it sounds like you are enjoying it!

Laura: said...

That is so awesome Kirsty! Happy day for you!

Tooj said...

I am behind you in this technical thing, my friend. I don't even KNOW what skype? is??? I gather from your story that it's a webcam communication software....but...yeah. LOL Never used anything like that!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I have yet to master the Skype thing and I consider myself a technological adventuress:) But someday . . .


Anonymous said...

Honestly?? It took Thalia being home to get us to ACTUALLY do it. Christina has been gently encouraging, and inviting us to use her set up because she too discovered the wonder of it all as she communicates with her family. But so glad it is a reality. Hmmmm, still have to learn how to do it should they all be out of the house!!!! Glad you did not post any candid camera shots!