The Finnster Report

A little recap on how Finny spent his birthday:

A lot of doing this throughout the day.

Also, talking on the phone to family members who sang him various renditions of Happy Birthday (his aunts in Australia pulled out every one in the Primary songbook. It was impressive)

He also got to dine at McDonald's for lunch, whereby he procured a Kidzbop CD and a cardboard microphone which further strengthened his resolve to be a rock-star before his next birthday. He also generously offered to share his fries with me. Oh yeah...Rock on. At least he is thoroughly fluent in the body language of a rock star. (This was to express the awesomeness of finally being allowed to unwrap his presents..)

After lunch I surprised him with a trip to Petco and told him he could pick out a fish. His reaction was the same as if I'd told him he could pick out a puppy, so good thing I didn't. Fish poop is easier to deal with. He looked at me in joy and wonder and said, "but mommy how did you KNOW I wanted a fish?!" To which I replied, "you told me". He looked at me, genuinely touched that I had actually followed through with one of his requests and said, "oh mommy, I love you".

He selected a blue male beta fish. He promptly christened him Dorothy.

On the way home he said, as he'd said many times over the course of the day, "Mommy is this a dream? Am I really, really five? Five with a fish?! Is it a dream mommy?" Then he'd have to clench his fists and have a quiet squeal just to deal with the unbearable awesomeness of the fact that this was his new reality.

He then helped me with the arduous task of conditioning the water since 5 drops per 1/2 gallon when you don't actually know what a gallon is, can be challenging. (I've only lived here 14 years, I can't be expected to know everything! Won't you people go metric already???)

After siblings returned home and daddy showed up it was finally, finally time for a couple more presents. There were five in all. Serendipitously enough.

More dreams come true. The much longed for Husky webkinz. Creatively named, Husker.
"Thank you everyone. I love you all!" (Direct quote which did literally accompany this picture. He's a sweet kid, no?)

Other Finny-isms recently:Benj has had a persistent cough and he overheard me asking Aaron if I should take him to t he Dr. Finny interjects with great indignation, "you should take ME to the Doctor! I.Have.Issues!" When we asked him to elaborate on said issues he said, "nose issues, froat issues, issues with a cough..." The day before his birthday he greeted me in the morning with a runny nose, indignant once again, "I have not had issues for TWO weeks and now I have issues again!" It was later revealed when he chimed in knowingly on a conversation where allergies were being discussed, "yes I have issues too". I suppose the two words are quite similar to the four year old ear.

On his birthday he was telling me how he didn't like to see women in high-tops. It just made them look weird. Eventually it became apparent that "high-tops" were actually "high-heels" and that he could live with them on me, "because you only wear beautiful high tops mommy."

It was then time for the gourmet dinner of his choice. Chili-mac and pears. A box and two cans, can you see why I love this kid so much?

His sense of entitlement on his birtthday was sweet but strong. He made a powerful case for staying up to watch Dancing with the Stars in its entirety. And then he crashed...

Just look at this baby face. He is aging well.

Finny continues to be the coolest kid you can imagine. He is sweet, charming and You've got it or you don't-he does. But with the coolness, he remains super sensitive and kind. He spent a lot of the day checking in on me.."see mommy? I'm still Finny even though I'm five. I'm still cute and funny, I still love you so so so much!'

And I love infinity and beyond. So just like that, my baby is 5. I thought it only happened to other people, but not so.

And's ok. I guess.

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Mommy Dear said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy!

Janet said...

He's an awesome kid! I love the picture with Dorothy. You can feel his excitement.

Megan Gery said...

"Five with a fish!" priceless.

Sweet Serendipity said...

He is SOOOOOO cute! And I love his name. Happy birthday big boy!

Mrs. M said...

Finny is a cutie! 5 years old seems like such a sweet age (though Monkey's only been 5 for a few months now)...but for some reason really hard on Mommies. I guess that's the point where you realize they're not babies anymore?

bonniemomof5 said...

What a cute son you have. He sounds like a character. They are so funny at that age. What a blessed mom you are.

Thalia said...

How cee-ute is he. can't believe he is 5!!!!!!!!!!

Aunty Shona said...

I love my little Finny Finster so much...(lip clench)...