Free Personal Trainers!

You know that awesome feeling when you are pleasantly sore and stiff right where you want to be the day after working out? I'm talking about feeling it in those hard to target areas like the triceps, the thighs, the butt. It's always so nice to know that you got the parts that bother you most. Nothing worse then waking up the day after you thought you were doing a butt and thigh blasting workout and feeling it nowhere but your quads. Not many girls I know are focused on the flab on their quads as swimsuit season approaches. Ya know?

When I can't get to the gym I have found a way to get a free and seriously effective workout in my living room. What's more it is fun and the time passes incredibly quickly until I find myself panting and quivery face down on my living room floor, knowing I have earned my lunch.

On the Bravo channel there is a reality show called Workout. On the Bravo website, there are 30 second videos from the different trainers on the show,which focus on different body parts. I love that you can grab any exercise you like and skip past the ones you don't. I usually just pause the clips while I do as many reps as they say to do, and then go to the next thing.

I've tried lots of online exercise video clips. What I also love about these specifically is that these exercises REALLY work. The trainers know what they are doing, they train celebrities in LA. Say no more. And unlike a video by just one trainer or celebrity, there is a variety of expertise and approaches. I have never done an exercise from their site which did not indeed isolate the area it promised to.

Go here, scroll past all the silly videos/show previews until you see clips marked TIPS. You can choose any one that looks appealing or just click on the first one and it will automatically go to another one, if that does not appeal to you, just click the forward button to skip to the next one. Don't forget to blast your favourite music.

Free, effective, variety, and some extremely inspiring bodies to boot. It works for me!

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Muthering Heights said...

That sounds cool!

Mike said...

Works for me, too.

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apparelshop online said...

Let's get exercise... nice blog.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

This is a great tip! Thanks

Clean and Classic Interiors said...

I love it - although I tend to crave ice cream during those commercial breaks. Maybe I should do the workouts first...Ha!

Hoosier Homemade said...

I really need to make time to workout! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

This sounds cool! I'm doing the Shred right now and am wondering why I didn't start exercise videos sooner for the days when I can't get outside to run (or I have all 3 kids with me and my jogging stroller only holds 2!). Anyway, I know the Jillian Michaels will get annoying really soon, so it will be great to add some other trainer variety!

{ L } said...

I have seen that reality show a couple of times and just seeing their bodies is enough to motivate me to workout, lol...but I've never heard of or seen those workout clips...thanks for the info!