Miracles in the minutia...

A series of events led to what was for me a miracle of sorts tonight, something that left me literally shaken with the undeniable power of God's love for His children as individuals. I won't go into specifics since it just doesn't seem like the time or place but it struck me as it has so often before, that God is in the details.

The series broken down into its parts seem so mundane, and insignificant. Yet together, they truly showed the power of God's love for us, which is not this broad, generalized almost vague one size fits all love, but something so intimate, so extremely personal to each one of us, that if we will open our eyes to see, we will observe that no tiny detail is spared in Him showing His interest and love for us in a way that we can recognize it as being directly from Him to just you, whoever you are reading this right now, from Him to just me, Kirsty, the one with the Momedy blog.

It also struck me that sometimes we just have to show up for miracles to happen. That sounds glib and I don't mean it to. Sometimes we don't feel inspired, we don't feel on fire with spirituality and burning with the desire to serve and share the gospel. Sometimes we feel as though we aren't the right person for the job, sometimes we feel empty, even numb inside, unable to fill anyone else's cup, working with just the dregs at the bottom of our own. Even so, if we will scrape together enough faith to go through the motions, to do what we need to do, to say what we have been called to say, to show up...God can work with that. He transcends apathy and self-doubt if we are called to give a message of His love to another of His precious children, and if we can find it in ourselves to do little more then just show up in order to convey it..He can work with that.

Please know that I am not advocating spiritual laziness, or condoning teaching without the spirit in any way. While I believe God can transcend anything to reach who He needs to reach, we won't get much of our service if we are just plain lazy about it.

I think I'm more trying to express that when we are willing to obey and serve despite the lack of motivation, despite feelings of self-doubt and depression, He can work with that. And amazingly, incredibly and beautifully in its simplicity, He will transcend our imperfection as a messenger, enable the message to get to where it needs to go and perhaps most miraculously of all, in the process, He will fill the cup of the messenger.

Perhaps the message that we give, despite not feeling as though we personally have much to give, is the one meant more for us then for anyone else. It almost always feels that way to me. The lovely thing about being about His work is that you really can't serve without being blessed. It may not come in the form and at the time that you expect or would prefer, but when it comes, it makes everything make sense and it makes any sacrifice on our part seem insignificant.

I know this is not my typical blog entry. I hope it does not come across as preachy or oblique. The specifics of what happened tonight are not important but what I learned, and what I felt because of them will definitely fill my cup for a while.

I am so grateful for the message of love woven into the details. I'll keep showing up.

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Jules said...

I totally get what you're saying. I just threw together a lesson for RS, divided the class into three groups and gave them a quote to discuss with questions. I felt like I was "phoning it in," but we've been trying to have teachers called for TWO MONTHS with little success.

I "randomly" divided the class, I "randomly" handed out the quotes, and discovered that in one group, someone had given a talk on the very topic last week. She seemed genuinely affected that I gave her group that quote. It humbled me.

Sorry for the long comment--just wanted you to know that I understand what you're saying. Honestly, I did not put much thought into the lesson (maybe 10, 15 minutes) but forgot that God makes up when I have very little left to give.

Mrs. M said...

I understand what you mean-I have always believed that God reaches you where you are and pulls you toward Him. Thank you for your post.

paparazzimom said...

Amen! BTDT too... what an awesome Lord we serve.

Devon said...

I had this same type of experience yesterday--everything wove together to enable us to be able to go to church yesterday, even without a night nurse for Dakin (which usually means very little sleep for me). We ended up able to go, and while there I was able to be the mouthpiece for the lesson Heavenly Father wanted the Young Women to hear, though I literally had read through it one time. It's amazing the way it works.