My house exploded

There is a two hour delay today because of "fog". Have I ranted here before about how my mom used to drive me and my brother and all the neighbours up the Guiness book of records recorded most dangerous road (a steep hill) in the world every single day, often in fog so thick you literally could not see a metre in front of you? I have little patience for "fog days" when I can see no fog. At all. Anyway..

I don't generally mind a delay, it just means for a less stressful morning. However this morning my kids kindly let me sleep off a bit of my own fog. When I finally made it down to the kitchen the scene that awaited me was like something out of one of those movies when they accidentally leave the 7 year old in charge of everything.

There was mud EVERYWHERE. Happily they seemed to figure this out after tracking it all around the kitchen so there was a pile of muddy shoes on the doormat which the bunny has shredded. A broken plate sat stacked neatly on the counter, bread was falling out of the bread bag which was not closed after sandwiches were made. Many bowls of half eaten cereal in the sink. Pile of laundry on top of the dryer (but that's my fault) Chocolate chips keeping the mud company on the floors. And the cherry on top? The bunny had pee'ed in the corner. I love how she tries to contribute.

My reaction? Gingerly tiptoe my way in my socks (I am still in my sleeping attire) through the mud, grab one of the few clean bowls, pour a bowl of cereal, pop an anti-depressant, say a brief prayer over the cereal with an addendum begging urgently for patience. Walk out of the kitchen. Plop down on the couch. Blog about it.

My friend Nathan maintains that no blog can be a true reflection of who a person is.

I assure you, this is who I really am. (Now Nathan is going to complain that I am being more real then I really am. )

How about you? Do you censor your blog? Heavily, somewhat, not at all? Do you represent yourself in your entirety or just the pretty parts? Do you think people should be completely candid in their blogs or there is such a thing as over-sharing? Which blogs do you love the most? The real sometimes raw and gritty ones, or the pretty ones for escapism and inspiration? Let's tawk.

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Stephanie said...

Good question. I think most of the time I blog about the mess-ups or out-of-the-ordinary things that happen to us. They are more fun(ny). If you're going to have a blog, censoring the swear words is probably appropriate, but otherwise I think we should lay it on the line and be real. Because seriously, we read blogs to know we're not alone. Who wants to read about another Polly Perfect? Not me. (PS--Sorry about your house. ;-))

Samantha said...

Oh Kirsty, what a morning! I prefer raw and gritty, for what it's worth.

Steph said...

Mine isn't as candid b/c the in-laws read it. :P Some things just shouldn't be shared with them, KWIM?

Kallie said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again. YOURS! yours is my favo(u)rite to read. and i think it's pretty much real you. and inspiring too. let's just say your real inspiring. and yes, i think you can share too much -- sometimes i'm uncomfortable reading others posts -- not that i think they should sugar-coat it, i just sometimes wonder if they are doing it for other (attention-getting) reasons. my personal blog -- is very superficial -- just because i have a journal for the other things, and i talk in person to people i want responses from, so my blog's purpose is just to show pics of my changing, growing children. but, did i say ---- i LOVE your blog the mostest? well, i do.

Mrs. M said...

My blog is private (I don't have names or pictures up of our faces), but honest. Hubby is the only one "in real life" that knows I have a blog, and I'd like to keep it that way because then I can stay real. I can talk about what freaks me out, and who makes me crazy, and my mommy mishaps and I don't have to worry that anyone is going to try to lecture me about it.

I like honest blogs (or at least the ones I feel are honest and true to life). I agree with Kallie that sometimes people can over share, and I agree that it is probably for attention. The reason I dislike those blogs is because, in my eyes, they are not any more honest than the Perfect Mom blogs.

I love your blog because it's high on the honesty scale AND on the entertainment scale. I relate to it so much [I too have walked over and completely ignored a child destroyed house]! Sorry you've had a rough morning.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I'm a little confused...did the bunny shred the doormat or the muddy shoes?? Does she chew holes in walls, like Shelties do?

My blog is filtered to protect the innocent. But, for the most part, my blog centers on things that really happen in my daily life.

Hey, I read your post about SAD and your box light. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of those magical lights, myself. Thanks for the heads up!!

Megan Gery said...

i like the gritty candids. they're much more interesting to read. i have to censor mine a bit though, because of some of the people who read it.
and my favorite blog to read, though it's not a real blog, is seriously so blessed.
The title makes you want to gag, i know, but it's just a spoof and it's seriously, so funny.

Tooj said...

I prefer real. If I read pretty escape blogs, I'd probably just get pissed off that their life sounded so perfect. I don't like that. I don't watch MTV Cribs for this very same reason. In my blog, I censor a few things that I don't want to share with family members, but the posts I do write and publish are 100% me and how I'm feeling. Happy Friday!

Aunt LoLo said...

I prefer Real, but HATE whining blogs. It's so disappointing when I start into a new blog, and every post is "my kids are whining, I'm tired, my husband's never here, we're all fighting." Complaining is fine, as long as it's used sparingly, like salt.Do you know what I mean? Show us the great parts of your life - let us rejoice with you - and keep us laughing about the bad stuff, 'cause "nobody likes a crybaby". ;-)

Callista said...

Sorry I'm a little behind on my blog reading. I think I would have fainted or killed someone if I found my house like that. My blog isn't about my life but if it was, I'm not sure what I'd do. I don't think censoring it for the most part would be good. I don't like the mom blogs where the mom seems so perfect and nothing bad ever happens. Censor SOME things maybe like how you (not you personally of course) love to smoke weed or how you stole money from your in laws etc... Something like that I wouldn't expect anyone to say on their blog. LOL

I agree with others who said whiny is NOT okay. Ranting is fine, whiny is not. There's a difference.