My Marmie: Birthday Poem for my Mater

On this your birthday, Marmie dear
I wish you scads of love and cheer
I hope that not one moment of it was a bore
And that nobody even thought of dirtying the floor

Mom you have style, you have panache
You can pull off a "look" even if there is no cash
You taught me how to make a house a home
Regardless of in which unpleasant location I may roam

Mom you have enthusiasm to spare
Sure everything will be alright with some hope and some prayer
Nothing gets you down for long
Or quiets your joyful, operatic song

Mom you are bossy
Without you so many would be at a loss(y)
On how to live their lives
And find themselves wives

So many people have you for their life turnaround to thank
Be it for a spouse, a child or more money in the bank

Mom you have aged so well
If you are a day over 40 nobody could tell
You are strong and you are mighty,
Even though you stay up too late nightly

Your sense of humour is sharp as a knife
You laugh and make us laugh
Even (especially?) during times of stress and strife

You can cook and you can sew
Write a story, put on a show
You can landscape, you can party
Whoduthunk one so old could be so hearty?

Juuuust kidding! Never fear!
It's only one more little year
You won't be old until you're ninety
But even then I'll bet you're sprightly

Happy Birthday Marmie Dearie
Of life may you never grow weary
Wishing you lots of glorious surprises
Wish I was there to toast you with Appletisers!

xoxo Stinny

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TMWW said...

What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your mom on her birthday!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

A great poem for moms everywhere, my mother's birthday, and my mother in law's are in May also. Hope you don't mind of i share:)


Jessica said...

I completely **LOVE** your birthday poems, out Hallmark, eh?! Happy Birthday to your Marmie!!


trish said...

Kirsty, What a lovely picture of your Mom. And what an awesome tribute to a great lady. Love, Trish/Tisha

Anonymous said...

Though far and wide I may roam,
Nothing's as great as a Birthday Poem,
Written by a daughter fair,
Not talking of the colour of hair,
But rather of the face and heart -
Makes it sad to be apart.
But, happy thoughts expressed are cheery,
And a birthday's not a day to be dreary!

Dahling said...

Sweaty !

Halarious as ever...much snorting laughter coming from my office this morning.....

Very accurate reflection of our ever young Marmie on her birthday.


Tooj said...

I love that you do poems for everyone on their bday. :)