One Thing At A Time mentality

Today at Modern Molly Mormons I'm talking about how we set ourselves up for failure with Extreme Lifestyle Monday Makeovers, and how we can turn the subsequent tide of repeated failures by changing one little thing at a time, until it becomes part of our lifestyle and not a big hairy dramatic deal. I make a few suggestions as to what those changes might be, too. Because far be it for me to stop being bossy and intrusive at this point.

There's nothing worse then starting Monday all fired up, with the resolve to make Jillian proud, and ending it hanging with Ben and Jerry because it was all.just.too.much. Ya know?

Go check out the article HERE.

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Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I read your article - very smart. My first small step? Drink more water!

Tooj said...

You make a day ending in ice cream sound bad. :( So much for that hot fudge sundae I had my eye on.