With love from SA....

I woke up to this yesterday morning. It was a love letter punctuated with some of my favourite South African sweets, chocolate and cool-drink (or soda if we are going to be American about it).

It says: To my beautiful and gorgeous wife on our ivory (which is from Africa) anniversary:
An (Appletiser-my fav drink) toast to you.

Fourteen years ago you left on an (Aero)plane to CTR (Come To Ricks). You met a boy who asked you to marry him because he was a (Smartie). We had (Allsorts) of amazing and wonderful kids. You continue to make me want to(Twist) and shout with joy.

Thank you for an amazing and wonderful marriage that's had no sour (Grape-tiser).

So sweet and clever don't you think? (The woman in the equation had no idea it was the ivory anniversary).

We had a nice low key day, ending with a lovely dinner in the gazebo with the kids on a truly beautiful evening. (Thanks, Ma Nature)

Gracie took this supremely unflattering photo ( y'think it might have been nice if I'd slapped on some make-up for the occasion?) but I had to include it because I think photos from a kids' perspective are super cute. Sorry about the top of your head, daddy.

It was a lovely day to reflect on our blessings. When I think about my sweet family I really do feel as though I have it all.

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Laura: said...

Caroline took an excellent piture! What a beautiful mother she has! (Aaron looks nice as well) :) Congrats on your happy day!

Jennifer said...

How fun and thoughtful! My son is currently on a mission to SA.

Denise said...

Aaron is so sweet!! LOVE the picture, I'm sure it will be a prized treasure when you are celebrating your 50th Anniversary!

Tooj said...

What a wonderful note. :) He sounds great. And the picture is good, too. You two off center, head cut off...I think that's the "in" thing now with photog.

Jen VH said...

So sweet... anniversaries with kids are totally different but equally beauitful, no?

And can I just say, you better send me some appletiser! I have been jonesing for it since you mentioned it in your mom's birthday poem!

Happy, happy to you both!

Janet said...

That in one of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts ever. He's a real keeper. ;) It sounds like a lovely day. And well done Gracie.

Amz said...

How thoughtful! How did he procure all those goodies from South Africa? That makes it even more special...all the fanangling to get the goods! Very special!