Best in Class..

As you can tell from yesterday's photo posting frenzy, I'm a little snap-happy. As I am sure you can tell, I am strictly an amateur (and an amateurish one at that), but I am always interested in photography conversations I see online. The one question I see more then any other is, "which camera do you recommend?" Let's face it, it's a pretty big investment and if you're going to plonk down a chunk of change you want to be sure that you love, love, love your shutter-baby. (Seriously, I have never seen people have a more personal relationship with an inanimate object as they do with their's a little bit weird. ) And really, well, the answer to this question is, "it all depends".

ANYWAY...For most of you reading this, Summer is approaching, which I have always found my most inspiring time for photo taking. If you have been thinking about making the leap, and you have the money to spare, I was just made aware of this site which I think is pretty genius. does all the leg-work for you, you just plug in what you want to use your camera for, what size you want the camera to be (don't underestimate the hassle of lugging a big one around, I love mine, but it's girth is a pain), and your price range.

If you are brand loyal, they've hooked you up too. Here's the page for Canon, one for Sony,
Panasonic and, we've-been-so-happy-together, Nikon.

Go forth and photograph.

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Mommy Dear said...

I need a new camera and the Nikon D700 is the one I want--though I'd take the D300, too. Right now I use the D60--it's ok, but is barely compatible with any Nikon lenses. Boo.

Sounds like a great site!

Carol said...

Often cost is less important than learning your camera and enjoying it. So don't worry about expense just keep showing us your photos.