Hey, Summer..?

I know you haven't "officially" started so don't take this too personally, but lets face it, June means Summer, and so far...you underwhelm me.

In other words, you are lame.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but so far you are vanilla.

Weak, pathetic, and forgettable.

In case you were wondering, your purpose is to be warm and sunny on a consistent basis. An afternoon thunderstom here and there is fabulous, more power to ya but this dreary, chilly drizzle...forgive me but that's the rightful domain of Fall and early Winter. I know you brought the humidity and everything, but without the sun, that's just a huge downer.

Summer, I say this only because I love you, and I really care. You are embarrassing yourself. You are a disappointment to everyone who loves you.

I'm declaring this an intervention. Traditionally by mid-June you are in full swing. Right now, you are supposed to be going all out. You give us long afternoons and evenings at the pool. You take away any need for jackets and sweaters. You bring to mind ice-cream, popsicles and other frosty treats. This is your role and your purpose.

So far you are not living up to who and what you can be. You are trying to be something you aren't. Winter is cool, sure. And everyone loves Fall, this is true. But listen, Summer, people live for you. A whole pop genre exists because of you. When last did you hear about the Fall of 69? Exactly.

Now listen Summer, it's not too late. You can make a comeback, but it's got to be big. You have to show how sorry you are, you have to be all that you can be, you're going to have to SHINE.

I know you can do this, I believe in you. If you really want to show your sincerity and make up for the pain and disappointment you have caused those who love you so far, you might even want to bring on the sun and the warmth but go a little easier on the humidity. Maybe hold the mosquitoes altogether. I'd say it's the least you can do.

I'm so glad I feel close enough to you that we could have this honest talk. I love you.

Now, let's do this thing.

(The above images are from times when you knew who you were and what you were about, I thought they might inspire you)

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Shannon said...

HERE, HERE! I am right there with you! Warm up already!

Janet said...

Well said! Let's just hope Summer listens.

Mrs. M said...

Hee hee-we have the opposite problem here. It's been SMOTHERING hot for days and days now. So far we've spent the summer hiding in our house next to the forced air cooling vents.

Amz said...

Fabulous post! It has been the same dreary weather here and we just can't believe it! What is going on?! Maybe we should go on strike...think that would help? I'm ready to try anything at this point!

Anonymous said...

OH SO TRUE. Perfectly said Kirsty ... Where are you sunshine ... I need you sunshine ... Come out come out wherever you are !!!

Sorry there are so many of us in it together ... :(