The loveliness of EDUN

The ads I choose to host on my blog are companies that I respect for their ethical treatment of the Earth and those who live in it.

One of my favourite favourites is EDUN. They are cool because they make beautiful organic cotton clothing but what makes it cooler is that it is made fair trade in Lesotho (pronounced 'Le-Sue-Two') which is a beautiful little country in Southern Africa.

EDUN works with Bono and the other cool peeps on the ONE project to raise money to combat AIDS in Lesotho. I have a very, very bad oil painting on my wall in my living room, I painted it as a kid. It is of a group of people walking down a road in Lesotho, I have always thought there was something magical about that place and the people there are special. It makes me happy to be in any way connected to a cause that will help them. If you buy a shirt from EDUN you will have also bought a little piece of Africa. All their shirts are made with 100% Lesotho cotton.

It's all on the EDUN site (click the big beautiful ad right there)-------->

Be sure to check out the ONE t-shirts, they are fab. While you are doing something to feel good about, you can sign up to win a $300 shopping spree.You should do that. If you win, you should send me a t-shirt from Lesotho. That would be nice.

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