"Mom I'm Bored" Summer 2009 Edition

I've extracted some of last year's post for your perusal. Our goal setting process this year was again accomplished during a Family Home Evening on Sunday. Everyone got a piece of paper divided into 4 sections labeled: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Temporal (leading to a lengthy, lengthy explanation as to what exactly "temporal" means..)

Each person set a few personal goals in each area.

Then we set a few family goals too.

The idea is that the kids take time every day to work on a goal in each area. This takes up quite a bit of the day I am finding. For instance my older boys both wanted to run at least a mile every day, and their younger siblings want to run too. I am training for a 1/2 marathon, so we go to the community center or the elementary school track and run together. We're only a couple of days into Summer, but as with last Summer, my kids seem to be thriving on having some focus. I really like that they set these goals themselves, so they are self-motivated to reach them.

I have yet to get around to it this year, but the chart above is what our goal chart looked like last year.

Then we brainstormed and came up with things a young healthy child living in this house may do outside on a fine Summers day.

Then we came up with things a wee lad or lass may want to do inside on a not so fine Summers day.

Now this is the important part. We took all the activities which require involvement (ie transportation and constant supervision) on the part of the mommy. They have their own envelope. They can draw suggestions from this envelope, at a suitable time for the mommy. My goal is to have at least one drawing a day from this envelope. Hopefully more then that.

The main idea is that it will cut down on the begging to go to the park/zoo/pool which are quite uncannily timed to occur at just the moment I am at my most frantically busy, leading me to veto or delay said suggestion, and then endure listening to the ensuing whining and gnashing of teeth.

This method was designed to manage everyone's expectations, and give me control over when the suggestions occur, thus enabling me to say "no" or "maybe later" much less. Which is good. Because kids hate those two phrases with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. The plan is that I too will be focused, knowing that I have a scheduled "Fun with Mom" drawing coming up and should get my work done so I can play.

I put each category in a different colour so that they can be put back into the right folders more easily. You can kind of get the idea in this blurry photo. I laminated the whole kit and kaboodle to keep the little slips from getting wrecked. And also because laminating things brings me great joy.

My friend Denise had the simple but beautiful idea of having her family achieve something in four different areas every day. I think her areas were Service, Work, Exercise, Reading (correct me if I'm wrong Denise) which is another way of structuring Summer days so they are not a sweaty, TV watching fight-fest if I may coin a phrase of my own.

To keep up with the house, and their grooming (teeth-brushing anyone?) we are relying on the trusty stick method.

Have a wonderful Summer!

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It Feels Like Chaos said...

Love the summer goals idea and am in awe of your organization of it all -- laminating, envelopes, color-coordination -- you rock!

{ L } said...

Wow, I am absolutely impressed!! You are so organized and creative. The folders are a perfect idea! Your kids are lucky to have you.

UKZoe said...

My idea is so similar but without the goals part! Just the activities part.

Sherry said...

Love this idea! We had goals set at the beginning of the year, but I would love to have them do something just for the summer. :D

Tooj said...

I am certainly amazed that you do all this. It makes me even more wishful that I could stay at home and get organized and do fun things with my kids. I hate that the daycare teachers get to play with my children everyday. :(

Raise Them Up said...

Wow! You have done a beautiful job! You should market the folders. :)

mindingmomma said...

Looks like a great time will be had by all at your house!

Sarah said...

I like the way you separated out the activities that require you. I work from home, and tire of hearing myself say, "maybe later."

One of my summer goals is to spend more intentional time walking away from the computer for kid time. If it means working more nights for the summer, so be it.

Sharon said...

What a great idea! My kids (and us parents too) definitely need some goals to work on this summer. That is, if we survive June which includes High Adventure for my teenager, Cub Scout day camp for me and my (soon-to-be) cub scout, A trip to China for DH and Scout camp for teenager and Dh. And writing all this down makes me realize that my not yet 12 yo daughter doesn't get to do anything fun this summer. Dang late birthdays!!

Anyway, we'll have to take next FHE and make some goals for us too. Thanks for the idea!

Holly said...

I like the goals...I'll have to give that some thought.
I also like your stick system. We did something similar last summer, but your system would improve on it. Thanks!

Daiquiri said...

Wow! Look how organized you are - and everything is so cute too. Sheesh - super mom! :) Neat ideas. Thanks!

Emily said...

What a great idea!!! I think my daughter will latch right on. I especially like the Fun with Mommy part.

brudcrew said...

Thanks for the ideas! We need to freshen up our ideas and spend as much time as we can outside! I really like the sticks idea too!

Eos Mom said...

Great ideas, I love that you separate the activities that require mom and I admire that you are willing to do at least one of those per day. You've given me lots to think about, thanks!

pragmaticcompendium said...

This is very similar to what we do! The kids refer to the plan as "Mom wants us to LEARN something this summer."

I have a 14 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. They've committed to 30 minute increments each day - So far, his commitments are basketball, weight training, practicing guitar and reading. Her commitments are practicing piano, reading, working on math and playing outside (usually swimming). That takes up two hours of each day for each of them, although not at the same time every day.

We have friends over to play and I still hold them to it. The friends either join in or wait.

I like what you say about the things which require mom involvement. I really need to plan better or we'll never get around to them.

Good Stuff!

Bonnie said...

Hi I'm new and am happy to follow your blog. Love the goals idea. And your organizational skills make you my new best friend. We're so much alike!
Have a great summer.

Denise said...

Fun, Kirsty! You forgot the fun! Exercise, Work, Fun,& Service. That's really important because the fun tricks (I mean, motivates) them into thinking it's all a good idea. ;)