A Poem For My Dad, on this his ???th birthday

Dad, you are rad
I'm quite sad
Not to be there
It's hard to bear
(As was evident in my interpretive dance via skype this afternoon)

Ok for real
I don't use the word "rad"
When I'm not writing a poem
In a state of exhaustion
So strike that and replace it with
something like amazing, or incredible or wonderful
Even though
It doesn't rhyme
I've decided to mostly eschew rhyme
This time

Dad you are a steady fount of solid advice
Ever calm and wise
Seemingly serene (even when you have an ulcer)
Have a great relationship with your sister.. Elsa
I'm sorry Elsa, but it would have been a crime
not to pair those two unlikely words together
even though they more match then rhyme.
Plus you two really are quite cute together
Cayenne pepper pushing friends forever and ever

Thanks for making me a training plan for my race
Always encouraging me to go at an "enjoyable" pace
When I run and get tired or just plain lazy
I bring to mind your words "just have fun with it"
and stop making myself crazy
You give me permission to chill out and walk
Or slow to a shuffle where I am able to talk
And that's probably all that keeps me out there these days
Because my drive to kill myself to make good time
Seems to have vanished in the haze

Dad you take a crisis and make it no big deal
"It's all in your perspective, that's the only thing that's real"
Thanks for talking me down every time I am having a fit
With your understated style and sometimes irritating wit

I can't believe you still have the Ricks College Dad sweatshirt!
Just the other day I was remembering when I bought you that
'Twas the mid 90's
And pondering this in retrospect, my heart for you did hurt

They were so exceptionally American-cheesy
Yet you donned them with pride, took that humiliation
Made it look easy
And now! I see you donned it at your own party
Yeah I was feeling sorry
til I saw you wearing it
all hail and hearty
Dad methinks its time to move on
I'll get you a GRANDPA shirt if you mysteriously find it gone

Dad you must be getting pretty old
If I may be so bold
But! You still have all your own hair
An impressive accomplishment
Even though you pretend not to care

Yes you remain incredibly strong
And it was a joy to deliver yet another
Birthday song
I apologise that we sang the wrong one
Maybe we'll skype again tomorrow
and give it another run

Can I just share with you
That Blogger takes exception to me using proper English spelling
But yet I forge ahead, ignoring the obnoxious red underlining
Which I think is rather telling
of my great affection for you
I spell like a South African
True blue

Happy Birthday Dad!
Hope it was glad!
Love you like mad!
Going to hit the sack now
'Cos being sleep deprived
Makes me sad


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