*This evening we took a meal to a fabulous family with a delicious new baby. They live about 30 minutes away, so it was driving 30 mins there, a few minutes of baby nuzzling, then 30 minutes back directly to the pool. Eventually, after about an hour of being home (so make that about 3 hours since we initially left), Aaron, making brownies (bless him) discovered that we'd apparently had an oven fire in our absence. And now we have a non-working oven. But the house did not burn down. So that's nice. I guess you should turn those things off when you leave the house. Details, details....

*Gracie was eating a peach this evening and when I asked her how it was, she made a "bleh" kind of face and said, "Actually, it's kind of...pale". I tasted it and she is right..it was totally pale. Practically tasteless. What a fabulously poetic way to put it. A pale peach. I realized today that my girl finds solace in writing and inspiration in words like I do. I was cleaning up her room and found so many journals, scraps of paper, cards and letters..all recording her thoughts. She has always been a prolific artist but apparently she is a prolific writer already too. I also started my journal when I was 7. Hers is a lot better though. She's deep.

*I talked/vented/received advice from my evil genius little brother Luke for quite a while this afternoon. He is cool, I do so enjoy our chats. Also, wise beyond his years and so freaking funny. He is irreverent but not in a "Oh no I hope I can dodge the lightning meant for him" kind of way. He knows how to be irreverent with just the right dash of reverence. I think maybe the word is authentic. But that word is so disgustingly overused at the moment so let's not use it. Did I mention I wish we lived closer? But before I hop on the Whine Train again I must also say that I feel fortunate, no blessed by the fact that I truly enjoy every member of my family. They are all so entertaining, brilliant, kind and compassionate. We clash from time to time but less as we all mellow with age and they are all people I long to spend more time with face to face. God bless the creator of Skype.

*Farrah Fawcett died today. I'm sure her reception in heaven was sweet. I don't have any childhood connection or anything like that with her, but I did catch her recent documentary and was really impressed with how sweet and articulate she was. She seemed to be a beautiful soul.
Michael Jackson died too. Wow. wow. wow. I do have a childhood connection with him. Loved his music. In more recent years I have found him to be a very tragic figure, so detatched from himself, living in an alternate universe even. He seemed very lonely and confused. I felt very sorry for him. I hope he is at peace. Do you reflect on your mortality often, ever, not at all?

*Thunder and lightning very, very fright-ning....a huge storm is rolling in. I love me a good thunder storm. They were a regular Summer afternoon occurrence when I was growing up in South Africa. Incidentally, I have noticed that there are a few songs about storms in Africa. They are powerful, I'm not sure what makes the ones in Africa cooler then the ones everywhere else. I suppose "Storms in Oh-ioooooo" would not have been as lyrical for Enya.

*I am still liberated from my computer during the day. I am still loving it.

And you? What can you tell me?

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Samantha said...

I've been reflecting on why it is so hard to be grateful for the trial while we are going through it, but after we notice all that we learned through it.

I do reflect on my mortality and how those that have gone ahead must really have a better perspective than we have--kind of like getting past the trial--getting past this life and seeing all the reasons behind everything.

I started my journal at 7 also but have been random about writing in it. I love your daughter's "pale" description.

Peg said...

Just one more randomness...Brazil beat So. Africa in soccer and now Brazil will play the US in the final game. Bryce (Moriah's boy friend who served his mission in Brazil) will root for the US. Peter, on the other hand, was surprised we thought he'd root for the US.

Thalia said...

I might add that we maintained a 0-0 score until the last 3 minutes of the game!! Pretty impressive South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Our Gracie is going to be a writer like her Mama!!! I am SO happy, and so pleased that you love to write enough to actually DO it and not be like YOUR Mama who never quite got around to it in spite of loving it! Well done to both of you.

Aunt LoLo said...

I KNEW there was a reason yesterday was such a good day - I did everything you did! We, too, baked up a meal to deliver to a family who lives about 25 minutes away. (Didn't get to see the baby, though - Mama and baby had to step out for a few hours to pick up DADDY who injured himself during a lunch-time game of ultimate frisbee at work. *sigh*) I also Skyped with my parents, who are currently in Utah. We ate peaches at dinner.

Oh, and Farrah Fawcett and MJ died in my world, too. ('cause maybe Inkheart is right..and we're all just living in different worlds, on different sides of our black and white words!)

Angel said...

Stopping by from SITS, to say Hello.
Isn't it great how the est theeapy in the world is to do something for someone else? That way, two families are blessed. That was a wonderful thing you did.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I like your little tidbits!! YES, you are very blessed to have such a wonderful family!!

Let's see. I had a little tiff with my husband. He's a man - 'nuff said.

My daughter doesn't like to poop. At all. Ever. Interesting times.

People are buying my stamping projects as fast I make them, so there isn't anything for my store, lol. Such problems, huh??