20 Reasons why Summer is better then Winter

So Summer has decided to come to the party after all. Way to go Summer, it was dicey there for a while, but deep down, we always had faith in you. It is thus time to re-commence my adulation of all things Summery, and since I just have to be that way, I must also pit them against all things Wintry.

1. Long Summer Evenings hanging with friends kinda sorta watching happy children running around in the fresh air and beautiful light-so much more memorable then evenings spent watching TV in hibernating isolation. There is only so much "cozy on the couch" that is good for the soul. People are social animals and we are so much more connected when the weather is good. In the Winter we look neither left nor right as we make bee-lines from warm cars to warm houses. We avoid anything that might hinder our path between the two. Going out at night is somewhat torturous.
In the Summer we get our social on. Suddenly we look left, we look right, we see that we have neighbours. Look Jane! Look! See the people! They are fun! Look Dick! Look! See us play.

2. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, cherries, nectarines, peaches, watermelon, sweet-corn. I taste them all and I pronounce them good. So cliched-the bounty of Summer. Cliches exist for a reason m'peeps.

3. It is so much easier to be pretend virtuous by waking up earlier in the Summer.

4. Eating dinner on the deck is so much social then eating at the kitchen table. Lots of long happy family conversations taking place before they degenerate into fights over whose turn it is to load the dish-washer

5. Smaller clothes, fewer layers= Less laundry

6. Caring less about the laundry-there's always the option of wearing a swimsuit all day

7. Caring less about housework in general. If it gets too bad, close your eyes and go to the pool.

8.Saying, "let's go" and then going. No 25 minute search for various protective items of clothing, scraping windshields, heating up of cars, re-animating of fingers which have been frozen into claws, or swearing to get the h e double hockey sticks out of this h e double hockey sticks- hole of a place before next winter need accompany every minor excursion.

9. Ice cream every day just makes sense. I think we can all agree that it's the right thing to do.

10. Chilling out replaces the "get them to bed on time" panic stations (of course crankiness ensues when they wake up at their normal time) but one can then employ #7 (close eyes, go to the pool)

11. Catching up with all your mommy friends at the pool. They do exist!

12. My children trade pale pasty and pallid for beachy and bronzed. I'm not going to lie, it's easier to be nicer about the whining when they are looking so cute.

13. The blight of pantyhose is forgotten for a season.

14. Running outside. As much as I do truly love weaving my way around irritable geriatrics on the indoor track, and trying not to inhale the deadly vapors of BO- dude as I run on the treadmill, (or treadmeal as my kids persist in calling it. I suppose it's pretty logical-we tread so we can pig out more at the next meal right? ) running outside is just that little bit more fun, relaxing and interesting. And not having to keep my nose facing left for fear of sudden death via toxic underarm fumes from the friendly man on the elliptical to my right, is a bonus too.

15. Even NW Ohio looks quite pretty. Summer seriously is a miracle.
16. Strolling. There is no strolling in Winter. Brisk walking- perhaps, hunched over shuffling, definitely. Strolling? No. Strolling is enjoyable.
17 Sleeping with open windows -unless Parrot That Needs Killin' residing next door is having a particularly vocal night, therefore requiring you to hermetically seal your window and lie with clenched jaw and pillow over head as you contemplate illegal (though surely not immoral, given the provocation,) acts to make that unholy sound stop. Forever. Dun..dun..dun...

18. Where were we? I feel all violent and sweaty...Oh yes..the wonders of Summer. Well let's combine a few from the list above for my next tribute.
On Saturday (early morning #3 )as I waited for my ( friend#1) Cindi to join me and Benj to go on our (#4)outdoor run I sat on my doorstep, looking at my lush flowers (#15) and a hummingbird joined me for a while. DO I REALLY NEED TO GO ON WITH THIS LIST? Could any of these things happen in Winter? Why no, no they could not. (Those of you who live in Florida and such, are encouraged to shut up refrain from comment.)
19. I think we have ascertained why Summer beats the crap out of Winter. And I have not even touched S'mores, camping, flip flops, painted toenails, picnics, no homework, no soccer, the absence of deadly viruses around every corner....

20. It is imperative that I end things on a round number so I will just leave you with this final thought which I fervently believe puts any possible debate on this topic to rest: Frozen Snicker Bars.

Thank you, and good night.

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Samantha said...

Loved the list! Made me realize that I haven't been outside today at all because I'm sick--yes, sick. In July! What's wrong with this picture?

{april kennedy} said...

My favorite is #4. We eat outside almost every night in the summertime...when we eat at home. Which I resolve to be better at so we can enjoy our patio dining table more this summer! But we do definitely linger longer there than inside, laughing and talking.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I hear you about the running outside - love it so much more than the indoor track. I am partial to frozen York Peppermint Patties myself.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...


Summer is my favorite time of year.

Janet said...

Great list. Summer rocks!

jill said...

Has anyone told you lately how happy you make them? Your posts always make me smile and feel like I have a life when in actuality I am stuck in my chair with a heating pad. So my dear I just want to thank you for being such a...breath of fresh air that I continue to live vicariously thru..

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ahhhh! I LOVE summer - for all the reasons you mentioned and more :)

Going tooooo fast for me!


Hi! I'm Alex said...

I smiled when I read your post. I am in Australia and we are currently in the middle of winter (apparently) and instead of shivering in our thermals on Sunday, we had a great afternoon by the river listening to a band and getting a TAN. Freaky. Go global warming.

The Sayer Family said...

Love your post. I agree with ice cream every day. It just makes everyone happier. Okay, maybe just me but no one's happy if I'm not, so let's just eat ice cream everyday so I can be happy!

cat said...

So wishing I had summer now - bet you still miss the African summers.