A Birthday Tale

First off, a huge thank you for all your birthday wishes, here, on facebook and their blog. You are all so kind and the boys were absolutely thrilled..

Well this will be epic and heavy on the pictorial. But you knew that, didn't you.

Despite the fact that they highlight the obvious-that my children are getting older, I love my kids' birthdays. Really focused family days. They make me so happy. On this particular one, the boys woke up at an unsavory hour. I knew that if we got the party started at that time of day, we were looking at a long day of meltdowns on the part of the siblings. So I snuck into their bedroom, lay in bed with them and we quietly chatted about the days they were born.

I then subjected them to the lamenting about how fast the years have gone and extracted various promises involving them always being each other's best friends, and living next door to me when they got married...and such. (They'll agree to anything when they know there are presents awaiting..)

Eventually we three snuck downstairs for

the traditional birthday hug and measure up...

I told them they could open the gifts from the rellies in South Africa. Thanks you guys!

but that it would be really nice if we could wait until daddy got home that evening, to open the rest. They sadly reconciled themselves to this sacrifice, and even chatted to daddy on the phone "at work" telling him that they'd wait. Then they set about to comforting themselves with their soccer books...

Moments later he came through the back door...Jubilation!!

Daddy gets to spend the Whole Day At Home

Finally! It was time to inspect the loot.

although we'd have to wait for the others to wake up before any opening could take place. How do you spell torture? T-O-R-T-U-R-E

Happily there was a distracting birthday feast of bagels ( freshly procured from Panera by the wiley daddy).... and turkey bacon. They are MEN now after all.

Finally the siblings emerged! It's your birthday guys!! HOORAY! Pile on!

The boys performed the birthday dance they had apparently been choreographing when I thought they were sleeping...

First up, Gracie's gifts. She made this little replica of them in their bed-out of a little box, and balloon scraps. The boys were suitably impressed and grateful. She is so thoughtful and creative and they were so sweet to her and praised her talent profusely. (See why I love the birthdays?)

The big present...Mario Kart..

They were happy..

Trying out "boochie ball"..(It's different from bocce ball folks)

Taking a break from playing and skyping with Auntie Shona in Australia, at 12:46pm to indulge mommy in some birthday singing and cuddling.. (this is where having them a bit tired works to my advantage)

I'm pretty sure I have this identical photo of him and I when he was 7lbs7oz and just a few minutes old...sniff...

And off to the pool. Gabe is NINE man, NINE.

He is NINE and way too cool.....his sister takes care of that..

Benj entertains us with some aquatic ninja moves..



Gabe takes some time off celebrating to comfort a sad little brother.


GOSH I love my little men.

Benj is ELEVEN-get it?

Gabe offering his assistance with spelling it out with fingers..

AAAND 6:01pm rolls around...it's mama time

My glorious singing..lulls my po tired baby into a short cat-nap

And then it's off to dinner...Benj had some sushi. Gabe went Western with his cuisine..nothing says special occasion like mac 'n cheese

and then off to see Harry Potter. It. Was. Awesome.

Home again where little sibs awaited and so did a strawberry ice-cream cake...(isn't it lovely)

Lights out on an awesome day..

And the beginning of a wonderful year, I'm sure.

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Megan Gery said...

Wow! When you do birthdays, you DO birthdays! Want to help celebrate mine???
Great pictures. Loved the ninja-Benj one.

Peterson Family said...

What a great birthday! Thanks for sharing the pics with all of us! It looks like everyone had lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Are you not GLAD, GLAD that the big double birthday is in summer with all the super sunshine and pool time? Looks like a great 2 x birthday. Thanks for sharing with us. I love your birth moment cuddle tradition! I can only remember that you were born about lunch time - 13:00 or there abouts. Why did someone not tell me to take more notice of the time???

{april kennedy} said...

You always do the BEST birthday posts. I love all the pictures!

Mommy Dear said...

Sugary sweet! It looks like they had a fantastic birthday thanks to their fantastic mommy!

Tooj said...

You have captured this day perfectly. I love the pictures. Love the hugs. You are a gorgeous mommy. Your kids are so sweet. I can't get enough.