Fabulous Friday Follower: The Mom Daily

Congrats to the mom of Melly and Devin (I'm certain she has a name of her own, but at this moment I'm not sure what it is....sorry) who is our featured follower today.

Dang, gina! (as my sister Thalia would say) but this woman had a productive day yesterday. If you need some inspiration to stop blog surfing and get your house in order go check it out. I think it's so valuable to make lists of our daily accomplishments once in a while (or every day) as it is SO much easier to focus on all that has NOT been done yet. Try it, try it right now. Make a list of everything you have done so far today from the moment you woke up. I bet you'll end up feeling pretty accomplished.

Back to The Mom Daily. The poor dear has recently discovered that she is allergic to everything.
I have sympathy hunger pangs for her. If you have experience with living with allergies you might want to go and offer her some support.

Have I mentioned that this reader appears to be a cleaning goddess? She even has a recipe for homemade daily shower spray.

The Mom Daily also serves the blogging community with lots of book reviews, contest round-ups and other good stuff. Go check her out, give her some love. Thanks again for being a follower nameless mom of Melly and Devin. Tell me your name, so I can hit myself on the head and say, oh of course, I knew that.

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Tooj said...

Kirsty...you aren't supposed to highlight people who are productive!! That completely contradicts all the time I spend on here reading all you lovelies. :) Homemade shower spray? Seriously? And sometimes I think moms feel nameless. For three years running, I was only known as "Turner's mom" at his daycare. They somehow knew his dad's name, but not mine. Strange.

The Redhead Riter said...

Love your blog and am your crazy looking new redhead follower. Please stop by my blog and pick up the button at the bottom of this post because you gave me a huge smile today:


I will be back often which others will attest to:


I love your list on the about me tab. I can relate with husband losing the job and crying alot. This economy is so awful.

Have a great Saturday and I look forward to getting to know you.