Fabulousness on a Friday: Meet Samantha of Cherished Connections

So super-freaky today m'peeps. Freaky but super. Today as I glanced at the rows of followers my eye alighted upon the sweet visage of Samantha.

I thought to myself, "oh wouldn't it be nice to feature Samantha since she has a new site and it is so very cool". But alas I am bound by fairness and randomness and had to select by the number provided me by the fairies at Random. org. The first selection came up as fabulous follower without a profile- Nadia Fernandez! Get a profile! So I decided to count in a different direction and behold-Samantha. It was meant to be, clearly. (But that still does not let you off the hook Nadia Fernandez-let me know when you get a profile :)

Samantha has been friends with my husband Aaron for a long, long time. In fact he introduced her to her husband, Warren. When I first moved to the States she was one of my first friends. I have always been impressed with her gentle patience. She truly is one of the sweetest, most generous people I have ever met. I was particularly struck with Sam's love of children even way back then. She worked with children and from the cards and pictures adorning their apartment it was clear that they loved her too.

Sam and Warren have a sweet little girl, Hailey, and would love to adopt more children. I can't imagine any child being blessed with a better mommy then Sam.

As I mentioned above, Samantha jusst launched a website Adoption Video Profiles by Cherished Connections.

"Cherished Connections is dedicated to helping birth mothers find the right adoptive family for their child."

You may have noticed Samantha's
button in my sidebar---------------->
Feel free to pick one up for yourself!

Go over and meet sweet Samantha today and if you know of anyone who is interested in adoption please refer them to her wonderful site.

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Tooj said...

What a wonderful website idea. I've always been interested in hoarding children myself, I just want to bring them in and help them grow into beautiful adults. It's something I want to consider once our children are grown up a bit more. What she's supporting with her site sounds necessary and wonderful. What a great feature today. Happy Friday!

Samantha said...

Hi, Kirsty! Thanks for all your sweet words. What a wonderful surprise!