Home again home again trittity-trot..

Hello again my dears.

I survived to tell the tale but I am rather tired so let's do a bullet point synopsis shall we?

  • Number of girls between 12-18 at camp: Approximately 120
  • Number I was directly responsible for:14
  • Drama: surprisingly low
  • Days spent in the great outdoors: 3.5
  • Nights spent in a tent: 3
  • Rain: incessant
  • Spiders: plentiful
  • Toilets: flushing-hallelujah
  • Chocolate: I love you
  • Canoeing-7 miles, no current. Fun {ouch}
  • Screaming-yes
  • Hiking: soggy
  • Rain poncho: permanent fashion fixture
  • Feet: wet
  • Showers: warm (hallelujah)
  • Dutch oven: I do not wish to speak of ever again
  • My girls: troopers
  • My fellow camp moms: Oh, Thank Heaven
  • Individual most likely to be eaten first in a Donner Party type scenario: Me
  • Time that can be added to a trip when an "S" looks like a "5" on handwritten directions: 65 minutes
  • Probability that if we'd been stopped on aforementioned trip, Bishop would have been arrested on suspicion of foul-play: 90% (he had on his person: a knife, a roll of duct-tape, was surrounded by tarps and unhappy young women, and was wearing a bright blue sweater made by his dead granny.)
  • Bats: One named Cherise who came too close to me. Another unnamed who came MUCH too close to me
  • My bat phobia: The best entertainment Melissa and Melinda ever had
  • Rivalries: Melissa and Jeff over who "John Locke-d" the fire more impressively.
  • Most ingenius use of a household item: A dustpan as "billows" by Jeff.
  • Mosquito bites: All over my face. Awesome
  • Attempt to adapt All the Single Ladies into pertinent skit: Unfortunate. (aka: The Song That Went Wrong)
  • Best camping invention: Cots
  • Worst camping invention: Dutch ovens
  • False allegations made against me: I am a "beetle flinger". A hypersensitive, t-shirt obsessed beetle flinger .
  • Number of ribs I may have broken from trying (unsuccessfully) to stifle inappropriate laughter: 2
  • Bed time: way too late
  • Waking time: way too early
  • Kim Hales' follow-through on threats I make on her behalf (ie: If you don't stop talking I am going to send Sister Hales to sit on you) :swift and true.
  • Testimony meeting: eloquently tearful
  • Energy level: miraculously high all things considered
  • Tolerance level: ditto
  • Percentage of tolerance/energy level decline as camp was being broken: 100
  • Historical tour of the John Johnson farm: fabulous
  • Marshmallow toasting (mine): Masterful
  • Down-time: what?
  • My camera: Uncooperative. I will hopefully be able to post my many photos at some later point.
  • My husband: ultimate rock-star
  • My kids: best in the world
  • Inside jokes and catch-phrases which will annoy all those not in attendance for the next year: Tarped for birthing, chestnuts roasting, beetle flinging, sister wives at "Chick-a-fil", hypersensitive and SHUSH.
  • Special thanks to: Melissa, Melinda, Kim and Rayna. Without you things would have been a nightmare for all involved. With you, it was fun and functional. Thanks also to Bishop and the H-bomb proving that men can be useful and fun. And of course my girlies-even though you would eat me, I love you all.
Happy 4th m'peeps. The weather here is most disappointing. It's a step up from the week of rain I just had but still most unfitting for the 4th of July. Summer, I did not want to have to say this, but you suck.

Hope you all have fun today. If you are coming to my house for festivities today know this: I did not clean it and I will not apologize for that. You may judge me at will. I am comfortable with that.

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Janet said...

Welcome back! Glad you survived.
69 degrees and rainy here today. blah! Happy 4th!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hee hee hee - sounds like you survived :) (much as we wish we wouldn't sometimes . . .)

I would love to come to your house to be entertained clean or not!


the MomBabe said...

I am so jealous of everyone who got to go to girls camp. I can't help it. I just am.

Glad you survived ;)

Jen said...

Best bullet-point list ever! Sounds like memories were made :)

Kallie said...

man oh man -- glad it was you. ;)

Thalia said...

Nice work, m'am! Can't wait to hear about it in detail XXX

ukyankoz said...

Wow. Beetles, bats and SPIDERS?? I would have faked an amputation. You are a stronger woman than me!

Tooj said...

Your trip sounds fantastic!! I was reading along and thinking "I'll comment about THAT one...and THIS one...and THIS one....oh, and that...I relate..." but then I kept reading and I realized - there were too many. I'm sorry about the rain, I love marshmellow roasting, and I think you should NEVER have to apologize for not cleaning. Happy Monday!

Dahling said...

Sounds fun...I have fond memories of YW camps and even fonder memories of totally bundu cub and scout camps in Swazi...good times (some of it any way)

Dahling said...

PS. It's actually "Home again home again jiggity jog" (to rhyme with "To market to market to buy a fat hog !" ; )

{april kennedy} said...

I'm leaving for Girls Camp a week from Saturday...in charge of crafts for 120 girls. Thanks for getting me all excited!!!