Muddled Monday....

This morning I broke my semi-virtuous early to rise streak (which was actually somewhat broken by sleeping through half of sacrament on Sunday) and slept in fitfully til 9:45am.

Dudes, I was tired. And I can't help that I have kids who don't seem to notice if I'm around or not.

Let's recap: I had most of a week of minimal sleep at camp, followed by getting up early the next morning for a 5 mile run, followed by 4th of July festivities. Add the fact that I am a wimp. And what can I say. Something had to give. Do you see why I absolutely cannot have any more children? Sadly, another 5 years of sleep deprivation is not something I believe could handle. Longtime readers may recall that I used to be able to go on minimal sleep for extended periods but wussiness/wisdom has come upon me in the last year or so and I have lost the drive necessary for abusing my body. Voluntary sleep deprivation is starting to fall into It's Just Not Worth It category. (I have a sneaking suspicion that this category only appears when you are old.)

Then after having my first normal breakfast in ages, I got all confused and got the days of my training plan mixed up. This resulted in me taking my poor 10 year old out for a 5/6? mile run at high noon. And of course today it was unusually hot. We saw mirages. It was bad. It was unwise. It was the longest distance he has run and considering about a month ago he did not run more then a mile at a time I'd say the kid is impressive. It was fortunate that we'd carried water. My one prudent move of the day.

Turns out, I was only scheduled to run tomorrow so all the pain and suffering and discussion over how much we related to people staggering around with delusions in deserts, and picking berries for sustenance along the way was in vain. Could have had a nice cool early morning run tomorrow instead. Ah well. He survived with bragging rights. When he bemoaned our terrible time (picking berries tends to take away from achieving a personal record) I asked him how many 10 year olds in our town he thought had run 5 miles that day and when last he did so. This helped with the perspective.

Back to my sleeping in. I was having a most interesting dream. In this dream my husband and I were living together and I believe, expecting a baby, and my mom called and was gingerly asking me if we planned to get married any time soon. And I thought, "why yes, what a concept..that would be fun! I could plan a wedding! Why not?'" So we decided that we would go to South Africa for the wedding. I contacted my childhood best friend Viki who lives there still and was just getting together with her to make the necessary arrangements, when I woke up. Dangit! In the back of my mind I felt sort of guilty that I had put my mom through obvious discomfort by not having been married yet but mostly I was giddy over this opportunity to plan my wedding (and make Viki do all the work-a pattern she may remember from our childhood). Basically I was me, just devoid of any of the values or morals that make me who I am. I was a shallow shell of a woman. An interesting experiment. I will let you know how it all turns out since my dreams often take up where they leave off. We left off with Aaron presenting me with a miniature dress-form he'd found at an antique store, which he proposed would make an excellent centerpiece for the wedding tables. I was disturbingly thrilled by this proposal.

I got all the camp photos up on facebook. So if you're my friend ;) you are welcome to peruse them. If you could hyper zoom would see that I am wearing my NO WHINING pendant. I could not think of a more suitable setting for it. Turned out I still did, but less then I would have. I would do it all again. It was fun.

4th of July pictures tomorrow. I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for my fuzzy fireworks photos.

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