An interview with my sister, on bringing light to the world..

This is a conversation that I had with my sister one (late) night via skype. It all started with us admiring the different emoticons.
One of which is an emo emoticon, perfectly depressed, and animated to flick the hair out of his eyes.

The ensuing conversation, as you will see below, rendered me almost incontinent and triggered a small asthma attack. I am wondering if you had to be there. still makes me laugh.

{Some background information that may help: "fringe"="bangs" in South Africa, "ja"=yes
Also you should know that my sister is a fierce crusader for the underdog. Whom or whatever they may be. Once we were in BigLots and she was feeling forlorn for the fake caged birds in their cages because no one seemed to be buying them. Because they were really ugly. She wanted to buy them all and emancipate them.}

In this case, she was literally helping out the underdog. The dog...underneath all the hair.

Kirsty Sayer: that emo kid is the best
[12:20:07 AM] Shona Salver: Yes I love him
[12:20:17 AM] Kirsty Sayer: with the little fringe sweep. Classic.
[12:20:29 AM] Shona Salver: No wonder they are depressed having to do that 150000000 times a day
[12:20:36 AM] Kirsty Sayer: er, ja
[12:20:40 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I don't get the emo thing
[12:20:47 AM] Kirsty Sayer: they have a culture of being depressed?
[12:20:53 AM] Kirsty Sayer: is this it?
[12:20:53 AM] Shona Salver: They live in darkness half the time
[12:21:09 AM] Kirsty Sayer: rofl with the hair in their eyes?
[12:22:08 AM] Shona Salver: Yes
[12:22:23 AM] Shona Salver: They are depressed because they are light deprived

[12:23:12 AM] Shona Salver: Reminds me of when I cut the fringe of the English Sheepdog on my way home from school because I thought she was depressed by not being able to see :)

[12:23:22 AM] Kirsty Sayer: OMIGOSH I am dying
[12:23:24 AM] Kirsty Sayer: you did not
[12:23:40 AM] Shona Salver: I did - with my little round scissors
[12:23:42 AM] Kirsty Sayer: i cannot stop laughing
[12:23:48 AM] Kirsty Sayer: i am wheezing
[12:23:48 AM] Shona Salver: She sat very still
[12:23:59 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I have GOT to blog this
[12:24:08 AM] Shona Salver: Her name was Sybil
[12:24:13 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I think I will just cut and paste the entire exchange

Shona Salver: She definitely seem happier afterward but I bet her owners were spewing
[12:25:06 AM] Kirsty Sayer: what did Ssybil's owner say?
[12:25:12 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I am now snsorting and almost peeing
[12:25:28 AM] Shona Salver: I don't know. I didn't know them
[12:25:39 AM] Shona Salver: I only knew her name because of her tag

[12:25:39 AM] Kirsty Sayer: they never discovered?
[12:25:41 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I can't breathe
[12:25:54 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I'm seriously going to pee on my couch
[12:26:00 AM] Kirsty Sayer: how old were you?
[12:26:07 AM] Shona Salver: can only imagine them wondering what happened to their dog
[12:26:16 AM] Shona Salver: About 14
[12:26:17 AM] Kirsty Sayer: how much did you cut off?
[12:26:19 AM] Kirsty Sayer: I am crying now
[12:26:33 AM] Kirsty Sayer: have you ever told anyone about this up until now?
[12:26:37 AM] Shona Salver: A lot - until it was above her eyes
[12:26:47 AM] Kirsty Sayer: because the 'rents would have made you go and fess up
[12:26:54 AM] Kirsty Sayer: wheezing
[12:27:14 AM] Shona Salver: Yes I think I told Mom some years later
[12:27:35 AM] Kirsty Sayer: good move
[12:27:39 AM] Kirsty Sayer: what was her reaction?
[12:27:50 AM] Kirsty Sayer: also, how long did you ponder this move before you made it?
[12:27:52 AM] Shona Salver: I think she was amused
[12:28:02 AM] Shona Salver: I pondered it for weeks

Kirsty Sayer: Were you nervous while you were doing it?
Shona Salver: Not really - it was a quiet street and I didn't think I was doing anything wrong
[12:29:36 AM] Shona Salver: I thought I was helping a neglected dog
Kirsty Sayer: when did it occur to you that it might not have been the best move or do you stand by your actions?
[12:30:17 AM] Shona Salver: I stand by them
She was living in Sunny South Africa and did not protection from howling blizzards.

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Chief said...

totally awesome! ja!

{april kennedy} said...

that was classic!

jill said...

r u sure we're not related?

Stephanie said...

Holy crap! I really need to meet this Shona of yours. I was laughing so hard, Carter kept asking me what was wrong--in a very worried tone of voice. Favorite lines: "She sat very still" and "Her name was Sybil" and "I pondered it for weeks." WEEKS!!!! So so so funny!

Anonymous said...

That's our Shona for you. Always minding strays, whether they be dogs or humans. So glad she did not do the haircut with Thalia's crocodile scissors, or the owner's might have hunted her down. A less drastic idea might have been a pony-tail elastic in the fringe. Seen a lot of Yorkies with that hairstyle. Good for you Shona! If you did confess, I had forgotten (see how mellow I have become??)

Dahling said...

I am very impressed with how faithfully you recorded our conversation...complete with the times, skype symbols and everything. I also like the picture of Sybil

Tooj said...

Your sister sounds perfectly delightful. I think I'd like to go around crusading with her, cutting shaggy dog fringe and bringing them light. I'm a sunlover and think all poor children and dogs should get the experience.

Sidenote: Emo stuff is too weird for me. Who likes going around being depressed? I know, I's not something they can HELP. Blah.