Word association

I just love the way little people's minds work

Finny asks me tonight, "who is the guy on the penny? The one who got killed by someone?"

Me: Abraham Lincoln?

Finny: Yes! And he was shot by someone who sneaked up on him when he was watching a video!

Me: Well hmmm...I think he was probably not watching a video since there weren't any in those days

Finny: Oh yeah..well, he was watching a movie

Me: Was it maybe that he was at the theatre, not a movie theatre, just a theatre-watching a play?

(Aaron confirms)

Finny: YES! And the guy sneaked up and shot him. Because he was speaking true things and the guy didn't want the people to hear true things.

I just love how they absorb all the facts they are taught (they are learning this in school at the moment) and give it their own little spin. It is so fascinating to me-to watch the mental processing take place.

Lately Finny is saying funny, sweet, hilarious, poignant, brilliant things all day long..things I wish I had written down. The other night I actually laughed out loud as I was falling asleep as I thought of something he'd said earlier, and the next morning I could not remember what it was!


I am hoping that after we are resurrected all our happy/adorable memories will be restored to us along with our hair and cute little pre-kid belly buttons.

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garhales said...

Ditto on the wish that in the resurrection we can have every microscopic happy, beautiful, sweet, and wonderful memory restored to us. When they say "our memories will be made perfect", I hope that is not just for all the dumb stuff we did! I hope that is a blessing and a curse all rolled into one! What a wonderful thought; I will smile as I think about that drifting off to sleep tonight!

Chief said...

awesome! at least we know they listen in class!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I so hope that too!

{april kennedy} said...

Kaia came home one day telling us all about the lady that should have sat in the back of the bus, but sat in the front of the bus and that man that she was learning about! She couldn't remember his name and when we said Martin Luther King...she gleamed. I loved hearing her tell it in her own words too and wished so badly I had written it down. I do remember though her carrying around her picture of Martin Luther King and kissing it all the time.

Thanks for sharing Finny's story and now it written down so you won't forget it!