The Birds and The Bees-Frugal Style

"Should we have another baby?" I called to my husband in the kitchen. Much as one might ask if we should get Chinese Takeout. My kids looked up, mildly interested.

"Yes" answered Gabe and Gracie in unison.

Finny answered gently, "But mommy, we can't, you don't have any more inside of your tummy". Apparently Finny has visualized the whole baby operation somewhat like Little Caesars. The babies are all lined up-hot and ready to go...whenever you decide you want them. And we were all out.

Gabe gave me a knowing glance and smiled. "No Finny, babies grow from kind of a little seed and...

Finny interjects, "Oh! Well ok. Let's go and buy a little seed from Goodwill then!"

Ah...we are a classy, classy family. No Kroger, Target or Macy's babies for us, man.

Come to think of it the face on that logo does look a bit infantile doesn't it?

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Mom102 said...

ROFL Are the ones from Goodwill cheaper to raise? Also, full disclosure - I keep threatening to donate mine to Goodwill. Maybe you can get one of them (but you'll know they behaved very, very badly).

So, what was Aaron's answer? Hmmm? You do make lovely babies.

Aunt LoLo said...

AHAHAHAHAHA. That totally made my night.

Thrifting for babies...I love it.

I'm sure you know - I'm an identical twin. My father always jokes that one of us is adopted, but he won't tell us which one. They passed us by in a shop window one day, and realized we were a perfect match, and PRESTO. Decision made. We were officially twins.

Koala Green said...

Mike is on his way to good will right now. If he finds one of those seeds I will let you know. We might want to keep one for ourselves though.

Melody said...

kids are so funny! Where do they come up with'em?

nicóle said...

Love it! That is classic! Erin T. Is a good friend of mine - and she told me about your blog! I Love it!


You can find me - at

on twitter @2bnicole

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hee! Great post - thank you for stopping by with the birthday wishes! I always love my browsing moments on your blog.



Carri said...

How cute. We too have been discussing and trying for another baby. It has been a bit difficult for us. I wish we could go to the store to get some seeds. Very very cute. Good luck with your decision.

paparazzimom said...

so what was the verdict????

Tooj said...

As cute as the story was with the begs to be asked. WHAT WAS HUBBY'S RESPONSE? Did a private conversation ensue? WHAT is going to happen next?? How exciting to ponder.