good mail..

I wanted to give a shout-out to the sweet girls from Spicy Designs who sent me a purse a while ago to thank me for hosting their giveaway. I chose the fabric because I have a red coat and a pink coat and it works with both. And it's pretty and fun. My husband took this photo as I was digging in there to show him..."but look! What else...!"

I asked them to make me a check-book cover to match. Isn't it fun?! It makes me happy. It dulls the pain of bill paying somewhat.

They sent these to me so quickly, they were in the mail the day after I ordered them. That's just crazy! Crazy good. The quality of the purse and the checkbook cover is wonderful. The purse has little pleats in the front that aren't visible in the photo but it is a really lovely feature. I have had so many compliments already.

They sent me the photos of the purse they sent to Brigitte the winner too. Brigitte was kind/crazy enough to let me pick the fabric and design for her. She was really happy with the result and stunned that she received her purse so quickly . She told me that her husband was amazed that it was so nice. My sisters were forced to give their input against their will. I hope you approve, Thalia and Shona :)

Thank you so much Steph and Al! I really think giving a friend or family member a purse of their choice would be an original, thoughtful and much appreciated Christmas gift.

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Claire Goberman said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and your new purse! I was wondering why I couldn't find you on Facebook for awhile and I was going through Kirsty withdrawl. Should've known to just check out your blog! Hope you are doing well! :-)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Those are both so fun! I love the pink and red one Kirsty, I wear a lot of both those colors. You are lucky girls! :)

Thalia said...

you look hot in the pic. the fabric was my second choice but it looks cute!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Hey Kirsty, come see my blog. I left you an award on it!

nyn said...

I love it and you should be a model!! you are so hot and gorgeous!