So last night I was putting Gracie to bed and she asked as she often does, if I would tell her a story. Benjamin who has been sleeping on a cot in Gracie's room because of the still stinky paint in his own room, requested that I speak loud enough for him to listen in.

I generally lie on her bed at this point and grab some inspiration from her room decor. Last night the pink tissue paper puffs hanging from her ceiling were my fodder.

I began to weave a story about the people of Pink Cloud Kingdom.

As I got into my element and without initially intending to I found the story taking on an allegorical quality. To summarize a long and winding tale: There was the intrusive visitor from Blue Cloud Kingdom who promised the happy citizens of Pink Cloud Kingdom that a more glamorous and exciting life complete with thrilling thunder and lightning shows awaited them in his kingdom. Several intrigued pink citizens eventually leave with him. Of course Blue Cloud Kingdom was not all it was cracked up to be what with the grumpy citizens constantly crashing into each other in order to create rain, and the flashes of lightning and claps of thunder keeping everyone up all night.

Eventually Princess Caroline Grace of Pink Cloud visits Blue Cloud Kingdom in order to retrieve those of her beloved citizens who may feel that their immigration had been a mistake. But because her former citizens had been in Blue Cloud for so long they needed to prove that they were capable of being good citizens if they returned to Pink Cloud. So they spend time with the Princess, follow her example and feel her love for them until they pink up enough to return with her.

After I finish with a Happily Ever After flourish, there is a moment of silence. I smile to myself. I have delivered a moralistic tale without them even knowing it.

Benj pipes up first. Well I think I could tell a story off the top of my head too, but I'm not sure if I could tell a SPIRITUAL story. "Yeah! " Gracie chimes in. That was a church story mommy. The Blue Cloud guy is Satan.....and living in Blue Cloud land is living with sins. The Pink Princess is like Jesus.."

I nod slowly, doubtfully. "Well..yes....I guess it is!!"

Note to self: the kids are not as easy to snow as they used to be.

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Jill said...

I have to say that I found your story to be very well told and I was sitting on the edge of my seat to see what would happen. I appreciate the pinkness of it.

Chief said...

They are totally smarter than we were at their age, I swear!

Thalia said...

can you believe that?!?! how crazy spiritual is your kid? we were chatting on skype the other day and he said that elder holland's talk was "thought porvoking and meaningful" or something like that!!