WFMW: Small can be superior

I am still painting m'peeps. I woke up this morning and with the help of my sister (whose critical eye transcends even the limitation of living on different continents), decided that the brown was a completely ridiculous departure from the original plan and hastily repented of that decision.

So I went back to the Depot (we're on a second name basis by now) and got some more paint from the paint lady who has apparently been on duty there for the last straight 72 hours. She did seem more then a little punchy. Poor thing.

WHICH would have been a tragedy of epic proportions IF I had not availed myself of the fantazmagorical 7.5 oz paint portions that are now ours for the taking. Well practically. For $2. 97 cents you can get yourself a nice little container of paint which would cover most of one wall or all of one wall if you have a small room.

This is a miracle in our time for many reasons:

1. You can screw up on your colour choice multiple times without it costing you more then your mortgage payment

2. If you should screw up your colour choice you will actually correct it rather then learn to live with it. Which is really much better for the soul. And for the husband. Who will have to hear about it for the next couple of years.

3. $2.97!!!! For a really decent sized sample. You can use one little container for all sorts of smaller projects.

4. Even the fancy schmancy Ralph Lauren paint is $2.97! So if you want to pretend that you are rich and famous and can afford to have RL on your walls, you go right ahead and do that. Isn't it EXCITING???

5. You just unscrew the lids. Like a bottle of jam. No breaking the poor unsuspecting nibs of pens/pencils/popsicle sticks /other unsuitable items lying around your kids' room, and eventually giving up and going to the kitchen to get a knife in order to pry it open.

6. The size is unintimidating. It makes starting that paint project not daunting at all. Not even a little bit. You may even be tempted to start painting whilst wearing your favourite jeans. 'Cos these little jars of paint empower you! You LAUGH IN THE FACE OF PAINTING DANGER.

So! Go grab yourself some miniaturized paint pots and go to town. Too much fun. You could try out that lime green that you have been craving for your bathroom. Just for fun. No harm done.

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{ L } said...

That is a SUPER idea!! I have a lot of painting projects coming up so this is extra helpful!

Can't wait to see pics of your finished project. :)

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

You could almost inspire to start a new project - I love what a fresh coat of paint does to 'old' things ;)


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

These small paint sample bottles are among the best inventions ever! Happy painting!

Janet said...

I got a sample can at Lowe's to try out before investing in the 5 gallons of khaki in my house. Loved being able to try it out before the big investment.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Who knew? Love love LOVE this!


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