12th night

And here's what I'm grateful for:

1.When I come through the door, there is always someone who acts happy to see me.

2.The amount you can get at Goodwill for not very much. I will show you tomorrow. It's really quite stunning.

3.A beautiful little girl who still loves twirly dresses. And looks absolutely magical wearing them. You know those cheesy scenes in like every wedding movie when the girl puts on her wedding dress for the first time and she and her mother cry? I always roll my eyes because...well really. It's a dress for pete's sake.

But tonight I watched her try on a dress (not a wedding dress, we may be Mormon but 7 is really too young) in a changing room and it really took my breath a little bit away. She is so lovely. (Christmas Eve, 2008)

4.Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is the dieters friend. Don't you snicker at me! There is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to fill you up and stave off the I want to eat a box of Ferreror Rocher right now at 11pm cravings. For quite a few less calories. And for my husband who makes it for me. I want one of these. Does anyone have one?

5. Friends. I love mine. They are groovy. Yes you. You know who you are.

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Koala Green said...

My cousin has two coco motion machines. I was debating driving down to Dayton to use them for tonight's meetings. I mad hot chocolate for one or our treats.

Samantha said...

I enjoyed your mormon humour :-)

Aunt LoLo said...

Diet hot cocoa saved my bacon (heh) more than once in college. Mmmm.