16th 5...

1. $1 boxes of cookies close to the checkout that saw me through a playdate and FHE refreshments tonight along with the hot chocolate. It's nice when things are sweet and simple.

2.Piano/Cello/Toy guitar/Webkinz- allegorical-play cultural event for FHE tonight. It's super-cool when your kids can provide the entertainment. Especially nice when it's on a legitimate instrument with a discernible tune. I remember picking out Greensleeves on the piano and hearing Benj churning it out on the cello is somewhat miraculous to me.

3. Cleaning the kitchen with Benj tonight. Reminded me of the fun chats with my brother Seth. It was special to hear Benj telling me about the connection he felt with his uncle Seth later tonight too. They have always reminded me of each other.

4. My fun work-out buddy Amy. Knowing she'll be there keeps me showing up on days when I have only had 15 hours of sleep.

5. The cute and massive dog (it outweighs me by about 30lbs and would be about a foot taller on its hind-legs but soooooo sweet and gentle) who let me cuddle it half to death today. I want one. A sweet big dog that is.

PS: Welcome and thanks to my newest follower :)

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Jill said...

I want that dog too! I wish my house was bigger so it would fit...maybe i could kick a kid or two out for it...maybe not.
I will miss you horribly this week since we won't get to bond at library...this is my big money making week ($40)....woohoo!

julia said...

Beautiful dog!!!