5 for 11-10-09

1. The last giggly half hour I had alone with Gabe. Enjoying his cuddliness, his cheeky grin, his freckles. As he sat cuddled and cozy on my lap, we chatted about his day, about the perfect career fit for someone as thoughtful as he is. Everything and nothing. As usual, I tried to extract promises that he would move his future bride into our basement.I scribbled a list as he grinned and giggled. (He has The. Best. Giggle) It was determined that he is a:
And you know, all of those adjectives apply just perfectly. Oh how I love, love, love my Gaber.

2.Awesomely delicious tuna-salad sandwiches.

3.I make fun of it, but I like that there is always an occasion to look forward to here. The leaves are making way for stark trees and dreary skies but I comfort myself with thoughts of Thanksgiving. One of the best things America has to offer in my foreign opinion.

4. Eating out with my family being a fun and relaxing experience. When they were all little(r) and I was frantically tearing up pieces of french fries and blowing on chicken strips until I hyperventilated in order to ward off an impending tantrum, I could not imagine ever having a civilized restaurant experience again. But now we do. We sit, we talk, we laugh, we write silly notes to each other with crayons on the back of the kiddy-menu. We do not walk out frazzled and wondering why we DO THIS TO OURSELVES. If you are still in that stage...it too shall pass. I promise.

5.Answers to prayer and the Conference edition of the Ensign. Pure, lasting inspiration on every page. It's the real deal.

PS: Welcome to The Girl with Flour in her Hair (how cute is that handle?)

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Carri said...

You are right eating out does get better. But I have realized cranky kids happens when they are hungry so I try to go before bthey are hungry. I would prefer bringing food home then having a melt down.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

What a glorious gabe you have there:) Such a nice way to spend the afternoon. Love your posts as always :)


Gail said...

What a wonderful list of words for your boy!

Jill said...

I have another one: Gracious, Grateful, (okay that's two)....

Janet said...

He is all of those things. Wonderful list. And thank goodness about the eating out. I appreciate that so much too.